Big news: Love Island’s Chris Taylor joins Under the Duvet with VOXI

And he promises it'll be 'better than an orgasm'

Love Island's Chris Taylor and KISS FM's Harriet Rose

by Carl Smith |

Despite spending the entirety of lockdown longing for social interaction, we've now cancelled all plans for the next two months. Why? 'Cause Love Island's BACK, and we'll be dissecting all the drama in Under the Duvet with VOXI.

Every Thursday, KISS Breakfast's Harriet Rose will be joined by the latest islanders booted from the villa (plus some old faves) to find out who's been laying it on factor 50, whose head could turn and more madness straight outta Majorca.

Oh, and this time round we've got mankini aficionado and all-round Love Island LEGEND Chris Taylor joining the fun and giving all the insider goss.

That's why his hair's so big. It's full of secrets.

Love Island's Chris Taylor and KISS FM's Harriet Rose
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Making some bold claims we genuinely don't doubt for a second, Chris reckons this year's Under the Duvet will actually be better than orgasm.

Chatting about the madness we can expect from the show, Chris says, "Madness? Imagine a swimming pool of Mentos and 7819-litre bottles of Diet Coke.

"Now imagine necking the Diet Coke and eating all the Mentos. What now happens in your stomach would account for 50% of the madness this is gonna be.

"P.S. Harriet is the Diet Coke and I am the Mentos. How do I feel in your mouth?

"I’m actually amazed you’ve asked me to do this."

No regrets, Chris. NO REGRETS.

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Asked how excited he is to join the Under the Duvet team, Chris claims, "I feel like a teenager who’s just discovered boobs," adding that everyone should watch because "if you sneeze eight times in a row, you’ll have an orgasm; and that's just 1/16th of what watching this show will feel like."

He's not wrong. It's gonna be bloody brilliant, mate.

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