Love Island’s Luke T reveals unusual career move and we’re shook

Pretty sure no Islander has done this... ever

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by Eden-Olivia Lord |

The Love Island 2020 stars have missed out on quite a lot but that's not stopped Luke Trotman from making a huge career move.

The 2020 cast were pretty much thrown into the deep end being part of the first winter version of the show.

They were back into the real world for a few months and then got chucked into lockdown (like the rest of us).

As a result they apparently missed out on making thousands from PAs but that didn't stop them from doing hashtag ads and even making money from TikTok.

Oh, how 2020.

Anyways this year has been a weird one, but Luke T has decided that he's returning to university.

We know, we know, we're shook too.

Before heading into the villa he went to Loughborough University and studied a Banking, Finance, and Management degree and although he's a full-on reality star, found love with Siânnise Fudge and they've moved in together in London it looks like he's off again.

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Speaking on his Youtube channel with Siânnise, he answered a follower's assumptions about dropping out of uni and admitted, "Nah it's not true.

"I'm actually going back this month. I've got one year left... I just need to get it done and get it out the way".

Good for him, tbh.

The majority of Islanders quit their jobs for the show so props to Luke for actually finishing his studies.

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And the Love Island 2020 runners up also spilled some tea when the topic of having babies came up with Luke T saying, "We're not trying but we're trying..."

Siânnise then went on to say, "It's something that me and Luke definitely want in the future [but] not right now."

Luke then joked, "We're practicing trying I'd say."

We'll this isn't the first time the pair have opened up about having a Full English...

And Luke T and Siânnise also admitted that they have a joint bank account that they "pay all the bills and all that" with.

Err, how grown up.

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