Love Island’s Priya Gopaldas spills the tea on secret date with co-star

Is this the sign of another recoupling?

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by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Love Island 2021 star Priya Gopaldas wasn't in the show long but that didn't stop her from going on a date with her fellow co-star outside the villa.

During her time on the show she was in a love triangle with Matthew MacNabb and Brett Staniland, she decides to recouple with the latter but it didn't end well after they had different opinions over cheese.

Yes, really.

love island priya matthew
priya on a date with matthew in the villa ©ITV

At the time she told some of the Love Island girls, "I just feel like his energy is like below mine. It's quite draining, sucking the fun out of me. Just small things, like his favourite cheese.

"I'm sure he said something like really boring, I don't know, like brie. I want someone to be like, 'I'll try all different kinds of cheese, the smellier the better!' That kind of thing."

After Brett discovered what Priya had said behind his back they quickly ended things but it turns out they went on a "coffee date" after their time in the villa.

love island priya and brett
priya and brett were booted from the villa together ©ITV

"A mate date! We are still friends and we're chatting to each other," she explained.

"I'm really glad we're still in each other's lives after Love Island, as I feel like we got on really well."

However she went on to tell new! magazine that there was "absolutely not" a chance of a future romance.

Well, that's that then.

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In more Love Island related news, Faye Winter has hit out at some of her fellow Islanders who have complained about the editing on the show.

"This gets to me because regardless of which scenes were aired, you still did those things… You are still that person and those things still left your mouth.

"Own it and move on. If you've got to apologise, apologise. If you've got to live up to it, live up to it. But don't start blaming unaired scenes for that," she told Cosmopolitan.

Well, she was never one to mince her words was she?

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