Love Island’s Priya Gopaldas: what is the cheese-loving star doing now?

She was on the show in 2021 and made QUITE an exit...

Priya Gopaldas

by Asher Brandon |

While Priya wasn't in the villa for very long, she definitely made an impression on fans of Love Island. Priya was a bombshell who really shook things up when she joined the other contestants towards the end of the series.

Despite coupling up with Brett Staniland, Priya was soon booted from the Island after they were voted the least compatible couple (a real achievement in the year that also featured Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole).

But she certainly went out with a bang when she told Faye Winter that she and Brett hadn’t voted for Faye Winter and Teddy Soares as one of the least compatible couples.

Love Island Faye Winter Priya Gopaldas
Priya spills the voting beans to Faye ©ITV

This meant that Faye was able to work out that the three couples who voted for her were Liberty and Jake, Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank and Millie Court and Liam Reardon. So, basically all her close pals…

And, basically, it all kicked off.

Who is Priya Gopaldas?

Priya is a reality TV star who became famous following her time on Love Island in 2021.

How old is Priya Gopaldas?

Priya was born on 26 October 1997, meaning she is 24 years old. It also makes her a Scorpio ♏️ 🦂.

What is Priya Gopaldas' job?

Outside of her time on Love Island, Priya is a fifth year medical student at UCL. She worked on the Covid-19 Intensive care Unit in early 2021. Priya offered her services to the ward after medical students were asked to help with rising cases. Priya worked six day, 12 hour night shifts, supporting doctors and nurses in the understaffed department.

Outside of her degree Priya is also active on social media, and has over 100K followers on Instagram.

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Does Priya Gopaldas have a lung condition?

Priya recently opened up about suffering with non-CF bronchiectasis, a chronic lung condition that occurs when the lung's airways are damaged and inflamed by large quantities of mucus.

After being diagnosed at the age of 15, Priya explained, "I had this dreadful cough for about 18 months afterwards and I kept bringing up so much phlegm. I was backwards and forwards to the doctor and was told three of four times that I had asthma. But the inhalers I was prescribed didn’t make any difference to my breathing. Luckily my father, who was a chemist, was incredibly persistent and kept pushing for more tests.”

She continued, “I am very proactive about my illness and manage it really well, so it felt like my duty to help other people who were struggling with their breathing. Living through a pandemic has made us all more aware of our respiratory health – it’s definitely time to talk about how we should look after our lungs.”

And as for how her illness affects her love life, Priya told the Mirror, “I have to explain the cough, which is constant, and often pretty uncontrollable. Then there’s the fact that I have to rush off and expel all the gunk I’m coughing up which isn’t great in a romantic scenario.”

Is Priya Gopaldas still dating Brett Staniland?

It initially seemed like Priya and Brett were made for each other. They both joined the villa at similar times and clearly had similar tastes and interests. It was really a no-brainer when they coupled up.

Things fell apart, however, when Priya got the ick, and told the girls that she found Brett "boring" and that he was "sucking the fun out" of her (oof). She even went on to criticise his favourite cheese 🧀 (we know... insulting the man's favourite cheese is definitely a step too far). She couldn't have timed this confession more badly, as the couple were then voted least compatible by viewers and booted from the show.

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Kaz Kamwi
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Kaz Kamwi - fashion influencer

Before heading into the villa, Kaz was already an influencer (with 71k followers) and could have been earning up to £1,000 per post. So annually she could have been making £57,200.

It came as a surprise to many when it was revealed that the two had been on a date after they left the show. Speaking to New magazine, Priya said there was "absolutely not" any chance of further romance.

She explained the date was just "a little coffee date". The Islander added, "A mate date! We are still friends and we're chatting to each other. I'm really glad we're still in each other's lives after Love Island, as I feel like we got on really well."

So it really does seem like things are over for the couple. Whilst they seemed compatible on the surface, it's clear that chemistry just wasn't there. It's a good thing they can still be friends though.

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Is Priya Gopaldas going on Eating With My Ex?

While any romance between Priya and Brett seemed to be over, there may be some unfinished business there, as the couple are reuniting for an episode of the hit BBC Three reality TV show Eating With My Ex.

We hope the interaction isn't too awkward, although it does seem things ended amicably between the two so any awkwardness seems unlikely.

Does Priya Gopaldas run marathons?

Priya is a fitness fanatic who enjoys running marathons. She has even set herself the challenge of completing six marathons in six days (wow).

Does Priya Gopaldas have LinkedIn?

She does - you can find it here.

Does Priya Gopaldas have Instagram?

She does - you can follow her @priyagopaldas.

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