Love Island: the REAL reason for Priya Gopaldas’ voting confession?

Fans think they've worked out why she spilled the beans to Faye Winter

Love Island Priya Gopaldas vote Faye Winter revenge

by Nathan Katnoria |

Priya Gopaldas’ time in the Love Island villa may have been rather short-lived after she was dumped alongside fellow bombshell Brett Staniland earlier this week, but she certainly went out with a bang when she told Faye Winter that they hadn’t voted for her and Teddy Soares as one of the least compatible couples.

This meant that, in last night’s episode, Faye was able to work out that the three couples who voted for her were Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish, Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank and Millie Court and Liam Reardon. So, basically all her close pals…

Of course, Faye being Faye, she calmly talked it out with her fellow Islanders and went to bed happy. LOL JK, she let rip at the couples that had voted for her, told Jake she was “done” with him and burst into tears after confronting Millie and Liam.

Basically, Priya’s conversation with Faye before she left the villa caused absolute carnage and some fans think they know why the medical student made the confession about her vote.

Love Island Priya Gopaldas vote Faye Winter revenge

Many viewers are convinced that the reason Priya let Faye know about the other couples’ betrayal is as REVENGE after Brett found out that she told the girls he gave her “the ick” during their recent date.

One tweeted, “That’s Priya getting revenge for the girls telling on her.”

Another remarked, “Priya did not strike me as a revenge kinda gal lmao she said 'kick me out? deal with hurricane Faye',” while a third added, “Priya did that as revenge because the girls snaked what she said to the whole villa and I love it.”

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Love Island Priya Gopaldas vote Faye Winter revenge
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However, others claimed that producers told Priya to drop the bombshell on Faye, with one viewer writing, “I feel like Priya was told to tell Faye that by the producers so it stirs the pot.”

“Producers without doubt told Priya to tell Faye that - so Faye now knows at least a few of her close mates voted for her and Teddy,” said another.

A third commented, “I bet the producers told Priya to tell Faye she didn’t vote for her so Faye can go mad,” while one more added, “Priya was told to tell Faye. Faye is on a mission now.”

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The latest drama comes after Teddy’s family spoke out about his Movie Night row with Faye after it amassed a record-breaking number of complaints to Ofcom.

Faye furiously branded her partner a “liar” and “two-faced pr-ck” in the explosive scenes, which became the most complained about Love Island moment EVER when over 25,000 viewers contacted the broadcast watchdog.

While the 26 year old is in the villa, his account is being run by his family who were asked how they felt about the argument with Faye while taking part in an Instagram Q&A. They responded, “We have to bear in mind, we’re not shown the entirety of every situation.

“Yes we don’t agree with how Faye reacted but if her apology was genuine then we see potential growth. We are happy Teddy conducted himself as a true gentleman should.”

And when another fan brought up the record-breaking number of complaints received about the heated interaction, Teddy’s family said, “We respect it. It’s good to see that the country has a great moral compass.”

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