Teddy Soares’ family break silence amid complaints over Faye Winter row

A record-breaking number of Ofcom complaints have been made about the explosive argument

love island teddy soares family faye winter row complaints

by Nathan Katnoria |

It’s been almost a week since Movie Night caused utter carnage in Love Island villa when Faye Winter raged at her partner Teddy Soares after watching a clip of him admitting he was “sexually attracted” to Casa Amor bombshell Clarisse Juliette and while they have cleared the air and resumed their romance, the fallout on the outside world continues.

In explosive scenes, Faye branded Teddy a “liar” and a “two-faced pr*ck” and shouted at him in front of the rest of the villa before he broke down in tears. She later apologised and told him, “There’s no excuse for the way I spoke to you or how I raised my voice and no one should have someone speak to them like that.”

But despite her apology and their reconciliation, almost 25,000 complained to broadcast watchdog Ofcom about the scenes – the highest number of complaints ever submitted about the ITV2 show – and now Teddy’s loved ones have spoken out about the matter.

love island teddy soares family faye winter row complaints
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While the 26 year old is in the villa, his account is being run by his family who were asked how they felt about the argument with Faye while taking part in an Instagram Q&A. They responded, “We have to bear in mind, we’re not shown the entirety of every situation.

“Yes we don’t agree with how Faye reacted but if her apology was genuine then we see potential growth. We are happy Teddy conducted himself as a true gentleman should.”

And when another fan brought up the record-breaking number of complaints received about the heated interaction, Teddy’s family said, “We respect it. It’s good to see that the country has a great moral compass.”

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Faye Winter and Teddy Soares feud

Following the Mad Movies challenge that showed Teddy talking to Casa Amor bombshell Clarisse Juliette, Faye Winter was left furious. For the majority of the following episode, that was an hour-long, Faye was shouting at Teddy, Matthew MacNabb and even Dale Mehmet. As a result of the showdown, Ofcom received a record number of 24,763 complaints from viewers.

love island teddy soares family faye winter row complaints
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Another of Teddy’s followers asked if he was a “pushover” for forgiving Faye, to which his family replied, “You can’t knock a man down for fighting for what he loves.

“Teddy was trying to understand what Faye’s reason was for being triggered. He felt he stayed true to himself at Casa Amor and he wanted Faye to understand that. Teddy is not here for drama, he’s here for love.

They added that they “would accept and support anyone that makes him happy” when the subject of Teddy introducing Faye to his family was mentioned.

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In other Love Island news, 2017 Islander Sam Gowland has revealed the secret evidence that shows Jake Cornish could be “playing up to the cameras” after his partner Liberty Poole shared her concerns he wasn’t as genuine as she first thought.

He tweeted, “So a little TV knowledge for you here… when filming you’re strictly not allowed to talk about 'being on camera' or anything related to being on TV.

“So for Love Island to actually air Liberty saying that, Jake must have been playing up to the camera for some time, believe me.”

Many Love Island viewers agreed with Sam, with one saying, “Liberty is waking up! Jake has been playing up to the cameras from day one. This man is not who you think he is. #loveisland.”

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