Love Island lie detector could be ‘axed’ as Ofcom reviews reality TV rules

It's a fan favourite!

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by Alex Ross |

Along with the Casa Amor split, the lie detector episode on ITV2 reality show Love Island is HANDS DOWN the most dramatic and entertaining watch of the series. But, we have some damaging news for you... it might be about to be 'axed' from the 2019 series.

In news which has left us crying into our iced frappes on this sunny afternoon, it's being reported that Love Island bosses may be forced to scrap the popular feature, as broadcasting authority Ofcom are set to review reality TV rules.

According to reports from The Sun, lie detector tests on ALL shows could be scrapped, due to the tragic death of Steve Dymond, following his appearance on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Ofcom executive Sharon White spoke to MPs regarding lie detectors on reality TV shows. She said, “We will be looking at lie detectors and other tools used by the production companies, as to whether it’s fair treatment for vulnerable individuals.”

"As well as the most recent tragedy with Steve Dymond, alarm bells were particularly rung with two suicides, Love Island , some months after the broadcasts."

She added, “What happens after transmission at the moment, there is a window between filming and transmission where there is advice on the media and social media and going often from being a private person to suddenly being cast into a media world.

“I guess my question which I am asking my team is to think about whether that needs to be extended somewhat after transmission, so it is that sort of regime guidance we are thinking for reality shows and factual programmes.”

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Despite this, nothing has been confirmed by bosses, and fans will be hoping the popular feature brings yet more drama on the upcoming series when it hits our TV screens on Monday 3rd June.

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