Meghan Markle’s list of demands for UK trip

She’s coming back on her terms this time

Meghan Markle UK return meeting Queen

by Charlotte Oliver |

It’s been 18 months since she waved goodbye to the UK – and she’s made it pretty clear that she’s not in any rush to return. So, there were a few surprised faces over at Buckingham Palace last week, after reports that Meghan Markle’s set to accompany Prince Harry on a flying visit back to Blighty.

According to insiders, Harry and Meghan have requested a meeting with the Queen, as they hope to build bridges following a year of tension. They also want to introduce Her Majesty to her namesake – three-month-old baby daughter, Lilibet – and reacquaint her with their two-year-old son Archie.

Meghan Markle UK return meeting Queen

The Sussexes’ return comes just months after Meghan and Harry accused “The Firm” of “perpetuating falsehoods” about them during that interview with Oprah Winfrey, and also claimed they’d been subjected to racism by the family. And insiders tell us that Meghan won’t be bowing down to anyone. Instead, she’s issued a list of demands should the big visit take place.

“Meghan’s return all depends on her receiving certain assurances,” says an insider close to the couple, who also claimed that they’d suffered “neglect” while working as senior royals.

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Meghan Markle UK return meeting Queen

“Ideally, she’d like to come back in late September or October, especially if the plans for a public tribute to Princess Diana go ahead. But she has conditions: she wants guards by her and her family’s side 24/7, five-star lodgings, and an assurance that she’ll have full control over any press briefings, as well as her timetable while she’s here. She also wants Harry by her side at all times. She’s doing this for Harry and the kids as she realises it’s important, but after everything she went through in the UK, there’s a great deal of reticence.”

Eyebrows were raised last week at reports the Sussexes have requested a private meeting with the Queen. Indeed, one insider said, “People are shocked by the sheer nerve of it” – especially as it comes following Harry’s recent announcement that he’s writing a memoir.

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But the couple have always insisted they have no ill will towards Harry’s grandmother and, according to our source, they’re keen to extend an olive branch to her personally – so long as Meghan has every guarantee that, this time, it’s on her terms.

“Meghan and Harry are very aware that they still have a lot of critics in the UK,” we’re told. “Meghan, in particular, knows that her every move will be scrutinised, from their method of travel to what she wears. So, she says she’s taking the necessary steps to protect herself. There’s no way she’d let herself feel as vulnerable as she did the last time she was in the UK.”

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