Broody Michelle Keegan: ‘Now is the perfect time’

Do we hear the pitter patter of a tiny Essex lad?

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It seems the poster boy for closer-than-close Essex families - Mark Wright – has finally got his wish as we’re told that his wife, Michelle Keegan, is feeling broody and feels ready to start a family.

Our insider reveals, “It’s the news Mark’s been waiting for – that Michelle is feeling a bit broody! It all stems from her cousin announcing she’s three months pregnant, something Michelle has known for a long time now. And while she’ll make a great auntie, seeing her cousin so happy being pregnant has really brought it home for Michelle.”

CHECK OUT Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan's love story from the start


Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan: A love story

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Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan meet

Mark and Michelle first met on holiday in Dubai at the end of 2012, and reportedly fell in love immediately. It was only a matter of days before they met up back in the UK for their first date.

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They walk seperately on the red carpet

At the National Television awards in early 2013, everyone knew they were seeing each other, but they'd never actually walked the red carpet together. And this awards ceremony was no different.

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Their first red carpet appearance

Finally! Marchelle (can we call them that?) confirmed their relationship on the red carpet at the British Soap awards in May 2013, and they looked totally gorgeous. Of course.

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Mark declares his love on Twitter

In June 2013, Mark declared his love for Michelle with a string of photobooth snaps he posted on Twitter, and captioned: "Forever."

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The engagement

Just nine months after they met, Mark popped the question to Michelle during another holiday in Dubai. Michelle tweeted: "THANK YOU for all the lovely messages, and yes it's true @markwright_ and I are engaged!! We are so SO happy :-) xxx". What followed was, as you'd imagine, loads of super cute insta snaps."I've got now, for the first time in my life, what I've always wanted and what every boy dreams of – affection in a relationship, love, best friend, a girl I fancy… everything rolled into one," Mark said at the time.

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The spat with the ex

As news of the proposal spread, Mark's ex Lauren Goodger who he was with for ten years from the age of 15, posted a message on Instagram:"I'm not going to be the girl you marry, but I'll be the girl you'll be thinking of 20 years from now while you engage in polite sex with your boring wife who fakes her orgasm to make you feel better about your receding hairline."

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The spat with the ex gets worse

Rather than just a few exchanges, the spat becomes full-on and pretty public, with Lauren speaking about her ex and his new fiancé in every magazine interview she did.Though Michelle kept a dignified silence, Mark spoke out against Lauren and begged her to leave them alone, on Twitter.Lauren then wrote in her column: "Frankly, it was embarrassing that those tweets were made when he was on his honeymoon and I was away with my boyfriend, having an amazing holiday".

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Mark's sister weighs in on the Lauren/Mark spat

Mark's sister, Jess, stood up for Michelle:"Lauren and Mark met when they were children. They were 15, they weren't even adults, and they had a kind of volatile, random relationship. With Michelle, Mark's besotted. He idolises, he respects her. He just loves her," she said.

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Mark and Michelle get married

Despite the shade from exes, Mark and Michelle tied the knot in a lavish ceremony surrounded by their famous family and friends in May last year.At the time, Mark was on Strictly Come Dancing, so he and his new wife performed a dance routine to Time of Your Life for their guests.

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The pair go on a honeymoon

It was a two hander, first in the Maldives, then in Dubai where they first met - and also, coincidentally, where ex Lauren Goodger also happened to be with her boyfriend.

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Michelle gets parts in BBC drama

Mark is really proud of his wife. He gushes about her on Instagram loads and makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

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Mark is ‘upset’ after Michelle is linked to ‘Our Girl’ co star

During rehearsals for Our Girl, Michelle posted a snap of the cast together. Fans on Instagram commented on the fact that she had her hand on co-star Ben Aldridge's shoulder, and thought there may be something going on.Ignoring the fact that, if there was something going on, why would she post a pic of it on her Insta?!

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Mark says he cried when he saw Michelle on set

Having gone out to visit her for a few weeks while she was filming the drama over in South Africa, Mark said in an interview he burst into tears when he saw the scale of the show. "When I saw her on set with everyone around her it made me cry. I wasn't emotional, I was just so proud of her." he said. No, that doesn't sound emotional at all.

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Michelle doesn’t wear her wedding ring

In May 2016, while in South Africa, Michelle was spotted out and about without her wedding ring on numerous occasions, which caused major panic among fans.Thankfully, a couple of weeks later back in her Essex home, she was snapped wearing it again and the world birthed a sigh of relief. It has since emerged the 28-year-old left it in a safe in the UK while she was filming abroad because she was scared of losing it.

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The pair are still being cute on social media

Does this look like a man who has split up with his wife?

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Mark and Michelle are plagued by split rumors

After Our Girl, Michelle was then also away filming Tina and Bobby in Europe. A friend of the pair told The Sun:"It's been a turbulent first year and they've been apart much more than they've been together. Things between them are pretty volatile."When you add it up they're just not sharing time, a bed, meals, days out, or chilling together the way couples need to."

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Michelle doesn't wear her ring again

Michelle was also forced to shut down claims her marriage was over after fans questioned why she was stepping out without her wedding ring on again.The actress' rep confirmed, again, that Michelle removes her £20,000 ring for filming, saying: "Michelle is continuing to film the ITV series Tina and Bobby."As she's unable to wear her ring at work she will leave it at home on days which she has been filming."And Michelle responded to her critics online, hitting back with an explanation on Twitter."I work on camera so I take it off and put it somewhere safe… SIMPLE. Last night I went straight out after work… Hence the NO ring!!!" She wrote.

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Mark’s sister says Mark is sick of split rumours

Continuing to fend off the rumours, Mark explains: "I've been up and down the country and so has Michelle, so it'll be great when we finally get that time off – it's been a long time coming!"It comes as Jessica Wright hit out at critics of her brother's relationship during an appearance on Loose Women.Jess, who is extremely close to the happy couple, stuck up for Mark: "They're amazing and very happy and very in love. They're so sick of hearing the rumours."

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Michelle supports Mark

In June 2016, Michelle stood out in the cold to support Mark's charity football match, which slowed the rumour mill down a little more. There was also talk of Mark moving up north to be with Michelle while she finished filming Tina and Bobby.

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The pair go on holiday to Mallorca

Mark flew out to Mallorca to join her for a romantic break in August 2017 and the pair shared a string of romantic pictures together on Instagram.Paps also got a snap of the pair looking tense over dinner, but what couple doesn't have the odd bit of tension?!

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Mark speaks out against publications who say they'll split

The former TOWIE star has spoken out against a number of publications that have slandered the pair's relationship, telling the world they are stronger than ever.And for anyone who doesn't believe him - check out their candid photos on Instagram. Does this look like a couple on the brink of collapse? LONG LIVE MARCHELLE!

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Rumours about the pair having kids circulate

The pair attend the National Television Awards together at the 02, finally putting the rumours to bed.Rumours of the pair having children also circulated, with Michelle revealing that she's "thought about" having kids, but "not yet". We'd definitely love to see some mini Marks and Michelle's.

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Michelle Keegan's former opinion on her husband surfaced

Over the years a lot of celebrities' old tweets and comments have resurfaced and for Mark and Michelle it's no different. When Mark was on TOWIE, Michelle wrote about the reality star in her magazine column which was titled 'Tut Tut, Mark!'.In her piece she wrote: "I love TOWIE! It's one of those shows you don't want to watch, but just can't help turning on."I don't know how Lauren can take Mark back so easily, though - it's so cringe! I wouldn't be able to get back with someone who'd slept with lots of girls I knew, but that's just me."She then threw more shade at her now-husband.Awks!

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Mark responds to Michelle calling his relationship with Lauren Goodger 'cringe'

Two months after Michelle's column resurfaced, Mark finally responded to what she has said about his previous relationship with Lauren Goodger.He seemingly brushed off her previous commentsand said in an interview with Digital Spy: "I don't think she meant it like that. She meant it like the situation was cringey, rather than me being cringey."I didn't even know she'd said that until the other week, so I didn't have to win her around because I didn't think about it. She didn't say that to me, she was completely nice to me."N'aww.

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Lauren Goodger makes SHOCKING claims about Mark and Michelle's relationship

Just when we all thought all the Mark Wright/Lauren Goodger drama was over, she spoke out and claimed that her former fiancé was seeing her at the same time as his now-wife Michelle Keegan!A spokesperson for Mark "emphatically denied" the claims.

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Mark posts touching tribute to Michelle after living apart for EIGHT months

Mark proved that his marriage was strong after he shared a touching tribute to his wifeafter they lived apart for eight months.

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Mark and Michelle spend the new year together

The pair jetted to LA after Christmas in 2017 and spent the last few weeks posting loved up snaps together. Mark captioned: "Last sunset of 2017 stateside. Bring on 2018. Live, love, learn, grow, progress, stay healthy ud83dudc99 happy new year x"

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Mark and Michelle enjoy LA

Mark and Michelle seemed as happy as ever as they attended an ice hockey game in L.A. Talking to Now mag, Michelle said: "I've been spending some time in Los Angeles with Mark and it's so nice to have some time together."

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Mark is caught liking saucy pictures

The former TOWIE star came under fire after it was revealed that he'd been liking saucy pictures of other women on Instagram.An insider told Closer magazine that Michelle was "furious" when she heard, adding that she "can't help feeling insecure when they're apart."Even TOWIE's Chloe Sims defended the Our Girl star.

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Mark gets riled over Michelle questions on GMB

Mark made it clear that despite having a long distance relationship, his marriage to Michelle was his top priority. He explained on Good Morning Britain: "In five years when maybe we've got a family, we might not be so flexible in travelling the globe and trying to conquer our dreams so right now we just make sure we see each other as much as we can."Nothing's forever and if it ever wasn't working, I'm an eleven hour plane home and I would fly home. That's what's first, my marriage is first."

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Michelle Keegan opens up about ‘difficult’ long-distance marriage to Mark Wright

The former Corrie star admitted in an interview that she can spend up to six weeks apart from her husband, before opening up about the difficulties faced in a long-distance marriage.

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Is Michelle Keegan pregnant?

Speculation on whether Michelle Keegan is pregnant or nothas been going on since she first married her husband and three years on it's no different.Just before their third wedding anniversary insiders revealed to Closer magazine that the former Corrie star was left frustrated after Mark's family asked about her plans to move to LA and start a family.Eek!It's unsure whether Michelle will move out to her husband, although she did say on Lorraine: "I always say I wouldn't move out there to LA. But you know what, I don't know. I love living in the UK."

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Is Michelle Keegan feel the strain

Tensions mount for the couple astheir long distance relationship becomes too much to bare, with a source telling The Sun, "Neither of them could stand being apart from each other much longer, and Mark seemed to be suffering more as he was also away from his family who he's very close to."

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Mark Wright returns to the UK

Hurrah! Mark Wrightfinally officially moves back to the UK to be with his wife and take on work commitments closer to home.Meanwhile, Michelle warns friends and family NOT to pressure her into getting pregnantnow that Mark is back on home soil.

Mark and Michelle, both 33, have been married since 2015 but have often been kept apart by work commitments in their almost five-year marriage.

Now, self-isolating together in their Essex house, it’s clear Michelle’s had time to think about their future together.

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“Mark is so happy that Michelle is feeling this way and this time together has made them realise that when it all goes back to normal, then a family has to be a priority,” we’re told.

“At the moment, all TV projects are off and they’re just loving having a lot of time with each other. Mark’s got them enjoying as healthy a lifestyle as possible, they’re trying not to overdo it on the booze on lockdown and, if things go their way, it would make the Wright and Keegan families so happy.”

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