Montana Brown shares heartfelt eulogy from Mike Thalassitis’s funeral

'You really were the best kind of person'

Montana Brown Mike Thalassitis funeral

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Montana Brown and the late Mike Thalassitis grew close when they were both starring on 2018’s Love Island.

Following the tragic news of his death last month, Montana was asked if she would speak at Mike's funeral; and has now made the decision to share an extract from the emotional eulogy with her Instagram followers.

Alongside a picture of herself in a t-shirt and knickers posing on a yacht, Montana has written: 'for those of you who are asking to see my Eulogy... here’s just a bit of it.'

Montana wrote: "The last surprise was 2 weeks ago and I can tell you now Mike you surprised us all. I never knew that you were in so much pain, and I’m sorry that you felt like you couldn’t share your demons with me or your family as I’ve spent some time with them over the past two weeks and they’re the most down to earth, lovely people and I’m so happy you had such a strong support network.

"So the human body strives to survive, cells regenerate, they reboot, they mutate all to keep the body alive. For Mikes mental illness to push him to the point where he wanted to self-destruct and press that final game over button means that he must've been in such a dark place which we will never really understand.

“Mike, I truly believe you exhausted every avenue to avoid this outcome, as I know you knew you were loved, by so many people. You’re kind, you’re generous and sometimes very lairy… but that’s the Mike that we all cherish and love.

Mike and Montana

She continued: "I know there’s a lot of people in the room that would give absolutely anything to have you back. You were so misunderstood, and I feel privileged to have been your friend, and I have to thank you for always being there for me, always sticking up for me and always telling me to stop being such a drama queen.

"You really were the best kind of person and I will always always remember you and learn from this awful situation.”

Fans took to the comments in their thousands to congratulate Montana on her heartfelt message.

"Couldn’t read all of this cause I just can’t imagine the pain for you all and it’s heartbreaking to read," said one commenter.

Another wrote, "Sorry for your loss Montana. He was lucky to have a genuine friend like you."

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