Did you spot this PEEN in Peter Andre’s latest Instagram post?

Nawty nawty Peter

Peter Andre

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We at heat are pretty partial to the peen. So partial, in fact, we made a whole entire hub of celebrity penises. Just for your peen viewing pleasure.

That was a weird day.

Anyway, as much as we like peen, the last thing we expected was to be subjected to one during our wholesome and innocent Sunday roast.

Peter Andre uploaded a seemingly wholesome and innocent pic of wife Emily MacDonagh preparing their Sunday roast… but can you spot it?

OK, it’s not a real penis, but a cucumber with two lemons placed beside it to make a distinctly phallic symbol.

Pete captioned the pic: “Emily cooking a lovely Sunday roast..... I know what you’re thinking... those lemons are far too big”.

And fans were very excited (same).

One wrote: “Your cucumber is pretty impressive as well”.

Another added: “Pmsl ... Were those lemon strategically place or did the just happened to look and either side of the cucumber”.

And a third said: “Peter! I’m shocked!”

Wild old Sunday in the Andre household, eh.

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