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by Polly Foreman |

You may have noticed that we at heat are pretty partial to the peen.


You are welcome.

Below, you'll find the likes of Alex Bowen's ENORMOUS peen, Lewis Bloor's EQUALLY enormous dick, Gary Beadle's HUGE parsnip, and Calvin Harris's frankly massive wang.

SEE FOR YOURSELF, and have a lovely day!

Lots of love, heatworld xoxo

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alex bowen penis
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Love Island's Alex Bowen's massive penis!

IT'S HUGE! Read more about his penis here


How big is Gary Beadle's parsnip penis? With pictures!

Love Island's Alex Bowen shares pictures of himself touching his MASSIVE PENIS and we can't cope

Picture of 'Justin Bieber's penis' leaked

Alex Bowen got his MASSIVE PEEN OUT! AGAIN!

Don't look now but CBB's Lewis Bloor has a MASSIVE STIFFY

CBB’s Jeremy McConnell has a 10-INCH PENIS that once put someone in hospital

Gary Beadle's ex Chrysten Zenoni spills the beans on his PARSNIP

Sharon Osbourne drew PENIS on former X Factor judge Dannii Minogue

Lewis Bloor: everything you need to know including all about his ENORMOUS penis

Charlotte Crosby thinks new beau Stephen Bear has a 'perfect penis'

Celebrity Big Brother: Dappy pokes Jasmine with his great big penis and admits he leaked THAT picture of it to get a Number One single

Gary Beadle's parsnip penis: is it as big as everyone says it is?

A PENIS appears on Justin Bieber in official Where Are U Now music video! Yes really.

Geordie Shore's Aaron Chalmers has had his PENIS area tattooed

Marnie Simpson REVEALS ALL about sex with Lewis Bloor's ENORMOUS PEEN

Olivia Buckland talks Alex Bowen's ENORMO PENIS: 'My boyfriend's not shy'

No joke! This man has a 19 INCH WILLY.

Eastender's criticised for decorating Albert Square with PENIS DECORATIONS

Made in Chelsea's Alex Mytton Got Naked On Instagram

Love Island's Alex Bowen feels insecure about his body – even with THAT penis

Dappy's willy: girlfriend reveals why she leaked that penis picture

Did you SEE the peen on last night's Great British Bake Off?

Did Alex Bowen send a vid of his ENORMOUS PEEN to Chloe Ferry?

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Olympic athlete loses out thanks to his PEEN

Alex Bowen told us what he really thinks about THAT peen picture

Vacation star Chris Hemsworth needed a 10-INCH prosthetic penis because the smaller sizes were “out of proportion”

Marnie Simpson spills the beans on Lewis Bloor's MASSIVE penis

Justin Bieber just tweeted about his dick area'

Emilia Clarke wants a 'free the penis' campaign and we're completely on board with that

STOP THE PRESS! MIC's Alex Mytton talks to heat about his penis

Zac Efron is prepared to GET HIS PENIS OUT for an Oscar

Fifty Shades Of Grey: Who wants to know where Jamie Dornan put his penis during filming? Don’t all click at once

Justin Bieber on THOSE penis pics - there's something he REALLY wants you to know

Olympic athlete loses out thanks to his PEEN

Celebrity Big Brother's Stevi Ritchie upsets fiancée Chloe-Jasmine with group conversation about his PENIS

Lewis Bloor is crap in bed but has a MASSIVE WILLY (apaz)

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