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It’s something of a social phenomenon that we should be so inexplicably alarmed when the smaller and younger of our species grow.

Case in point: when we see that child actors from some of our favourite 00s shows are no longer children.

You’d think we’d be used to it by now – we’ve seen plenty of soap characters grow up on screen, from Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) to Chesney Brown (Sam Aston), and lots of actors from CBBC’s finest have gone on to have glittering TV careers in adulthood.

But there’s nothing quite like seeing an actor from a remembered TV program after years out of the limelight to remind you just how old you are.

Outnumbered cast now

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Outnumbered was a quintessentially British comedy sitcom that ran for five series between 2007 and 2014, in which hapless parents Pete and Sue Brockman (played by Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner) are quite literally outnumbered by their three unruly kids, Jake, Ben and Karen.

It's almost been 10 years since we've seen them all onscreen together so we thought now is as good a time as ever to see what they're doing. And it’s fair to say Ramona Marquez, who played youngest child and only daughter Karen, has been living her absolute best life.

Who is Ramona Marquez?

Ramona was a child actor whose breakout role was playing Karen Brockman in UK sitcom Outnumbered. While it’s unclear what her job is currently, she’s certainly giving off student-y vibes and she recently contributed to a book of essays by activist Florence Given called Women Don’t Owe You Pretty.

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Where is Ramona Marquez from?

From her colourful and crazy Instagram, it looks as though Ramona lives in London – or at least spends a lot of time there.

Ramona Marquez on Outnumbered

Ramona is best known for her time playing butter-wouldn’t-melt Karen Brockman on Outnumbered, alongside her on screen brothers Tyger Drew-Honey (who played eldest child Jake) and Daniel Roache (Ben).

The absolute best bit about these telly siblings is that after seven years growing up on screen together, it’s clear they’re still the best of buds and hang out all the time.

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Tyger recently posted a pic of the three of them looking edgy AF posing against a brick wall and captioned it, “Family #outnumbered”.

And Danny posted the same photo but captioned it, “No more of COVID keeping the fam apart”.

Is that not the cutest thing?

How old is Ramona Marquez?

Ramona was born in February 2001, making her very nearly 20 years old.

What else has Ramona Marquez been in?

Ramona’s biggest role to date was undoubtedly as Karen in Outnumbered, for which she was the first child actor ever to win a British Comedy Award for Best Female Comedy Newcomer in 2009 (she was just eight years old!).

Since then she’s had parts in the made-for-TV film Enid, about the life of children’s author Enid Blyton, as Princess Margaret in The King’s Speech and a bit part in The Best Exotic Marigold hotel. She won another award for her voiceover work on 2011’s Arthur Christmas, but her last TV credit was in 2016 when the cast of Outnumbered reunited for a one off special.

What is Ramona Marquez’s Instagram?

You can follow Ramona @princessmo__.

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