Is Sarah Jessica Parker going to recast Samantha?

Some big names are in the frame

SJP Kim Cattral

by Elizabeth Ryan |

It was one of the biggest storylines on And Just Like That…, except all the action took place off- screen. Kim Cattrall – aka sex-loving fan-fave Samantha Jones – was the missing piece of the first season of Sex And The City sequel after her epic fall-out with co-star Sarah Jessica Parker.

But now insiders tell heat SJP has a plan to bring Sam back for the new series – with no Kim needed. She’ll just recast the role with an even bigger star!

Sarah Jessica Parker Kim Cattral
SJP and Kim as Carrie and Samantha ©Getty

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“Everyone is deeply aware that And Just Like That… suffered enormously from the absence of Samantha,” says a source close to SJP, who’s played the iconic Carrie Bradshaw since 1998.

“Sarah and the producers haven’t entirely given up on Kim coming back, but there’s only so much grovelling they’re willing to do – other options have to be explored. The show still owns her character and recasting is becoming more and more of a possibility. They need that character in the show.”

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Last week, Sarah Jessica, 56, confirmed we hadn’t seen the last of Sam, cryptically explaining, “Samantha is not gone. The actress that played the role is no longer playing that role.” And there are already a few big names in mind for the part. We’re told, “Sarah and [show creator] Michael Patrick have already been brainstorming and some interesting options have been sounded out to fill Kim’s shoes. The list includes Chelsea Handler, Kim Basinger and Annette Benning. They’re also considering other big Hollywood names, and have asked other cast members for input and suggestions. They think a recasting could very easily be explained by just saying Samantha had a major face lift while she was out of the country!”

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As heat has previously reported, the long-running feud between Sarah Jessica and Kim, 65, dates right back to the early days of SATC, but our source insists this isn’t about revenge. “If Kim wants to come back to the negotiating table, then they’d jump at the opportunity,” we’re told. “But so far, she’s shot down any attempt to offer an olive branch. Auditioning other actresses could drive her away for good – or maybe it’ll finally make her see what she’s giving up.”

Read more in this week's heat mag, out now

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