Stacey Solomon tells Joe Swash: ‘Get the snip’

He'd better start sleeping with one eye open...

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With their shared total of kids amounting to more than a pretty sizeable minivan, you’d think Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon would be more than done with babies. But not so… It seems Joe is broody for more, while Stacey has her eyes on a more permanent solution – a vasectomy.

While playing the classic parental game of “who is more tired?” after Joe returned from a three-day fishing trip, Stacey, 33, revealed to her Instagram followers that Joe actually wants more kids. She snapped back at her exhausted hubs, “Who’s the one who says, ‘Oh, we should have more children, let’s keep having children until the cows come home?’”

stacey solomon and joe swash
be afraid, Joe. Very afraid! ©Instagram / staceysolomon

Joe – who has Harry, 16, from a previous relationship as well as being dad to Rex, four, Rose, one, and five-month-old Belle with Stacey, and is stepdad to her boys Zachariah, 15, and Leighton, 12 – insisted it wasn’t true, which Stacey was having none of.

“You say it all the time,” Stacey clapped back. “What did you say when I said get a vasectomy? ‘What if we want one more?’ And by we you mean you!”

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The 41-year-old former EastEnders actor then revealed the highly dubious medical reason he wanted to avoid a the snip, telling Stacey it apparently makes you age faster. Nice try, Joe!

And while the couple have shared that they would consider fostering children in the future, it seems for now, Stacey is shutting down any chance of another baby Solomon-Swash, ending her chat with her husband of almost a year by saying, “Stop rubbing yourself up against me, get off it, or we’ll have more kids and you’ll still want to go fishing.”

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