Stressed Stacey Solomon: ‘I’m sick of the fighting’

The ongoing drama is not what she needs right now

Stacey Solomon

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She’s been living happily in a baby bubble ever since giving birth to Rose – her first daughter and fourth child – last October, and by her own admission Stacey Solomon is dreading going back to work.

Although she loves her job at Loose Women, she has said she doesn’t feel ready to return as she is loving being a stay-at-home mum, posting pictures on her Instagram, saying things such as, “I don’t want my maternity to end.” And to make things harder, she is going back to the ITV daytime show amid allegations of in-fighting between some of the panelists.

“Stacey was already feeling apprehensive about going back to work and now this drama has made her more stressed and worried,” our insider says.

Stacey Solomon

“She’s got so much to deal with right now the last thing she wants is to be dragged into some internal war about backstage bitching. Obviously she’s been off for a while so has no idea what has gone on, but she would never get involved with any arguments or bitching and gets on with all of the other women. She’s closer to some than others but she can’t stand any fighting and wants all of this to go away.”

It had been claimed that some of the women, including Stacey, were refusing to work with Coleen Nolan, after a fall- out between Coleen and Nadia Sawalha – an allegation which has been denied. Stacey, 32, posted on Twitter that she gets on well with Coleen but we’re told she feels uncomfortable about her name being brought up in the story.

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“It took everything for her to compose a tweet in the hopes of getting herself out of the conversation, because she just doesn’t want to get involved,” our source continues. “It’s making her feel really tense and uncomfortable. It’s not her fight or her drama and she doesn’t want to be a part of it. Everyone is up in arms about it all – it’s like someone let off a bomb in the studio and now everyone is wondering who said what or who has a problem with who. Stacey hates any kind of confrontation and doesn’t want to be in the middle either. She knows arguments and debates happen because they all have different opinions, but Stacey loves everyone and just wants to get on with her job.”

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Stacey – who is also mum to Zach, 13, Leighton, nine, and two-year-old Rex – is due to go back within the next few weeks and is already wondering how she can juggle it all with her social media work and also planning her wedding to fiancé Joe Swash this summer.

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“Stacey fears they’re going to bring it up on the show and everyone will have to talk about it, something she doesn’t want to do” our source explains.

“She wants everyone to get on and just be civil to one another. She really doesn’t want any negativity or nastiness and wants everyone to know that they’re a happy team. The timing couldn’t have been as she doesn’t want the added stress of worrying about this. Stacey is confused as to why she is being dragged into it, with the new baby, she doesn’t have the energy to get involved. She doesn’t want to make any further statements or comments about it because as far as she is concerned she’s rising above any kind of drama.”

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