Taylor Swift ‘scared to be apart’ from Travis Kelcee

Can two workaholic superstars really make it work?

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She’s finally brought her Eras tour to Europe, but while Taylor Swift has thousands of adoring fans screaming her name every night, the show isn’t doing much for her love life. After spending more time than ever with boyfriend Travis Kelce during a break from the tour, the “head over heels” star is now worried about the effect of this new separation on their relationship.

“Taylor’s getting more and more attached to Travis, and her fears over being abandoned are creeping in,” says a source. “Everyone is telling her not to worry, and that Travis is totally devoted to her, but it’s hard for her not to stress because she’s been let down in the past. She’s totally in love with him and feeling vulnerable.”

Taylor Swift
Travis and Taylor have been going strong since September last year ©Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Taylor’s two-month hiatus from the tour happily coincided with the end of Kansas City Chiefs star Travis’ football season, allowing the couple – who’ve been together since last summer – to enjoy a romantic vacay in the Bahamas, as well as PDA-packed trips to Coachella and Vegas. But now the singer is touring non-stop until August, and we’re told she’s anxious. And, while her devoted boyfriend will be by her side when he can, his rising star means he’s also busier than ever.

Our insider says, “Taylor’s incredibly proud that Travis is having so much success, but it’s also bittersweet watching his career blow up. Part of her is terrified that he’ll become so successful it’ll somehow break them apart.”

Travis Kelce
Travis at Kelce Jam 2024 ©Fernando Leon/Getty

Three-time Super Bowl winner Travis has long held ambitions to be as famous as wrestler-turned-Hollywood star The Rock and has already hosted Saturday Night Live and enjoyed success with his podcast. At the end of last year, he filed for five trademarks – including his catchphrase “Alright nah” – with the intention of selling branded clothing, jewellery, and even cereal.

We’re told, “Taylor’s dated plenty of famous guys, but the level of frenzy around Travis is insane. He’s in talks for mega-deals, and all the attention and offers he’s getting are starting to take over his life. She can see he’s moving into a totally different league and it’s freaking her out.”


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