Is Travis Kelce tired of being Mr Taylor Swift?

It does sound pretty exhausting…

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

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He’s been trotting around the globe after his mega-star girlfriend, packing on the PDAs everywhere from Sydney to Singapore. But insiders tell us there are concerns in Travis Kelce’s camp
that he might not have the stamina, time, or money to keep up with Taylor Swift.

The Kansas City Chiefs player has spent the last few months supporting his partner of nine months on her Eras tour while the football season is on a break – but it’s taking a toll.

“Travis knew what he was signing up for with Taylor, but her lifestyle is still a shock,” says an insider close to the 34-year-old football star.

Taylor Swift on stage
"OI Travis, where's my milkshake?" ©John Shearer/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

“He’s told friends that she’s superhuman because she never needs any downtime – and she expects the same from him. She’s always up at the crack of dawn.

“If it’s a show day, she’s rehearsing and she expects him to get up and watch. And on a day off, there’s always work to be done that he has to be there for. Then she’s asking him to fly out to see her again in a week or less. It’s really wearing on him.”

Taylor Swift hugs Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl
The happy couple at the Super Bowl ©Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There’s also the fact that being her beau doesn’t come cheap. According to reports, Travis has spent more than $8m during their relationship, splashing out on presents, travel, and even a new mansion in Kansas City, which offers Tay all the privacy and luxury she might need. While Travis is mega-rich himself (he’s in the midst of a four-year contract worth $57.25m), that’s nothing compared to Taylor’s reputed $1.1bn fortune – and there’s concern his bank balance could take a serious hit.

As for their chances of making it long-term, his camp are wondering if, at some point, he’ll no longer be happy in her shadow.

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“Travis is getting teased for being henpecked and it’s messing with his ego a bit,” says our source.

“Taylor has multiple assistants who are usually tasked with grabbing her a snack or a drink, but if Travis is there, he’s the one she wants to send out. It’s like some sort of test. She also has specific orders for him when it comes to supporting her from the side of the stage. It’s
all so orchestrated and micromanaged.”

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