Vicky Pattison reveals she ‘turned to drink’ after winning I’m A Celeb

‘I hated myself back then’

vicky pattison

by Hannah Mellin |

With a glittering career, a hit podcast and a hunk of a boyfriend, reality TV queen Vicky Pattison has really stood the test of time since hitting our screens in MTV’s Geordie Shore way back in 2011.

However, it hasn’t been an easy ride for Vicky, who has been incredibly honest about the perils of fame and how she has struggled over the years. Even in her ‘happier’ times, including when she was crowned Queen of the I’m A Celeb Jungle in 2015, Vicky has now admitted that she ‘turned to drink’ and ‘hated herself’.

In a candid interview where she speaks about her relationship with alcohol, the 34-year-old told The Sun, “I drank pretty much every day. I would have about ten drinks a day. Wine, spirits, anything really.

“I begged for days off work. Then I’d feel even lonelier and drink more.”

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Vicky Pattison in 2011

Feisty Vicky, the very first person to enter the Geordie Shore house in 2011, has had quite the transformation over the years.

Even though she was adored by the public and was at the peak of her fame, she revealed that she was convinced she would lose it all.

“I had everything I ever wanted. The public liked us, I’d left behind Geordie Shore and I had this new shiny career.

“But I was convinced that people would realise I wasn’t anything special and it would all be taken away.

“I was turning up late for jobs. I don’t think I ever turned up drunk, I always slept, but I was not in a fit state to work.”

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She added, “Once in a while you can put it down to the Geordie charm but, consistently, it’s just unprofessional. That’s what I was becoming.

“I was jeopardising everything I’d ever wanted and worked for. I don’t know many people who get mortal drunk and are still the nicest people in the world.”

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Why Vicky Pattison refuses to make the same mistakes

It was only when her management stepped in that Vicky, who is now loved up with boyfriend Ercan Ramadan, decided to go to therapy, something that went on to “change her life”, so much so that she’s releasing her very own self-help book in 2022, titled ‘The Secret To Happy’.

The book, which is a little bit similar to her podcast ‘The Secret To’ will be part autobiography, part self-help will be available in 2022.

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