Victoria Beckham: ‘Brooklyn has to get away from the Peltzes’

The eldest Beckham isn’t happy living with his in-laws

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If there were a surefire way to convince people a feud exists, it’s by furiously denying it – right, Nicola Peltz-Beckham? The actress has opened up yet again on the reported rift between her and in-laws David and Victoria, saying in an interview,  “It’s not a feud! I keep seeing everywhere that word – feud, feud, feud.” She then cryptically added, “No family is perfect.”

Speaking to The Times, Nicola also dredged up the wedding dress drama, referring to the fact that she did not wear a VB gown. “It makes me sad whenever people say I was never planning on wearing it,” the 27 year old said.

Unsurprisingly, insiders say the Beckhams are more unimpressed than ever, and our source reveals Posh is desperate to get eldest son out from under the influence of the Peltzes – starting with helping him move off the family estate.

“For Vic and David, there’s no other take on it than Nicola just trying to stir things up again and having no intention of moving on,” we’re told. “Victoria and David are furious on so many levels. First, it’s the fact she just won’t let it rest, but they also can’t help but wonder whether this is down to the fact Brooklyn had spoken to her about wanting to spend time with his family over Christmas and that set her off on her latest episode.”

After their wedding in May, Brooklyn, 23, and Nicola moved into the Peltz family compound in Florida, and while they may be living in luxury – Nicola’s father is a billionaire, after all – things haven’t gone as smoothly as expected, and our insider says Brooklyn is missing his family.

“He’s been talking to his parents and asking them to help him move out,” we’re told. “He’s finding it tough and is acutely aware he’s living with someone else’s parents. He wants him and Nicola to have their own place. They’re married and should be starting a life together, not just living in a wing of her parents’ mansion and always having to do whatever the family is doing.”

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"We miss you, Brooklyn" ©getty images

The source adds that Brooklyn has broached the subject with  Nicola, but it didn’t go down well. “She thinks that, until they are more settled in their careers, it’s better they just stay at home,” our insider says.

“When Brooklyn tries to tell her that it’s her home, not his, she gets really mad. There have been a lot of fights, and he’s feeling isolated. His life is now just following her around and he’s getting really frustrated.”

Naturally, David, 47, and Victoria, 48, are also keen for Brooklyn to spend more time with them, and have been supporting him as he looks for somewhere else to live. We’re told, “Brooklyn has confessed that he feels unsettled. He wants a place where he can do regular things, like invite friends over to hang out or do a dinner party.

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At the moment, Nicola seems to want to keep jetting all over the place, going to fashion events and parties, whereas Brooklyn is actually a bit of a homebody. When he tries to talk to her about it, it ends up in a huge row. During one argument Brooklyn even suggested that he was just going to go ahead and get a place in New York by asking his parents to help him out, which Nicola did not appreciate.”

As a protective mum, Victoria seems to be determined to find a solution for her eldest son and help him get out of the Peltz family home once and for all. “She’s been encouraging Brooklyn to push the matter with Nicola. For her part, Nicola does accept that it’s not ideal for a married couple to be living under her parents’ roof, and she goes from being willing to consider it, to then putting it off again. They’re rowing almost daily at the moment.”

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