Victoria Beckham: ‘I won’t let Cruz mess this up’

Stepping into momager mode, Vic gets ready to boost her son into superstardom

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Ready to follow in his mum’s famous footsteps, it seems Cruz Beckham is preparing to launch his music career – and Posh is determined to become the next Kris Jenner as she manages her mega-famous family.

With Cruz turning 18 this week, it’s no surprise the teen is starting to think about his future – and more specifically, how that future could include some number one albums. After the success of his 2016 charity festive track If Everyday Was Christmas, the teen has music on the mind, and our source says Victoria, 48, and husband David, 47, are ready to let their youngest son take the reins.

“Vic has held Cruz back for years, because she feared he would get eaten alive by the business – and she’ll do anything to protect her kids,” our source explains. “Now, she’s willing to let him start making his own career happen, but under strict supervision. He’s been wanting to be a pop star since he was about five, but it’s been a struggle for Vic. She knows first-hand how crazy the music industry is, and she knows how fame can affect young people.”

Aged just 11 when he released his Christmas single, we’re told Cruz was desperate to be the next Justin Bieber. “David and Victoria refused to allow it to happen, for his sake,” our source says. “They told him that when he was 18 he could do what he wanted, and they’ve stuck to that”

And VB is taking notes from the Kardashians and stepping into her role as a momager. Our source says, “Vic is trying to be as involved as she can. She wants to manage Cruz – not as his music manager, but his overall brand. Cruz might not be too keen on having his mum involved, but his mates in the music industry are advising him it wouldn’t be the worst thing to use his family connections to his advantage.”

After witnessing the events of the past years – including older brother Brooklyn’s various career attempts , which have seen the 23 year old branded a “failed” chef – our source says Cruz trusts that Mum knows best. “He can see the paths his big brothers have gone down – Brooklyn with the influencer/fame route and Romeo grafting via the sport route – so he now understands that his parents know what they’re talking about. He’s worked so hard on his own career. This is a guy going into the music world with confidence and his own fan base. No one will be able to call him a nepo baby, because he’s earned the respect of so many people in the industry.”

And with Cruz’s realisation that his family connections could give him a much needed helping hand, we’re told Posh knows that this is a golden opportunity to see one of her kids shine – although David is reminding his wife not to be too controlling. “Since the whole Nicola and Brooklyn situation, David has advised Vic to step back. She’s done that as much as she can, but she doesn’t want to feel like she’s got it wrong again – she’s still styling Cruz, organising photo shoots, and trying to network with music people,” says the insider.

The source adds, “They’ve come to a semi-formal arrangement that seems to work for now. As David tells Vic, it’s the authentic Cruz brand that will see him go far. The moment they start to mess with it is when it goes wrong.”

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