Victoria Beckham blasts David, ‘This is all your fault’

Victoria Beckham: 'We'll never be free of that woman'

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There might be trouble on the horizon for Brand Beckham, after rumours have swirled that a ghost from their past could be making a TV return. It’s been reported that Rebecca Loos, 46 – who alleged back in 2004 that she’d had an affair with David while working as his personal assistant in Madrid – has signed up for Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins. And, alongside gruelling physical challenges, the show has a reputation for grilling contestants and delving deep into their past.

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Now, a source tells heat that Victoria Beckham, 50, is worried about what Rebecca’s TV return may mean – especially when it comes to the past. “Victoria is furious about Rebecca signing up for Celebrity SAS, and she’s terrified about what she’s going to say now she’s back on the showbiz circuit,” we’re told. “Vic really thought she had put all of that behind her, but she feels Rebecca is still determined to try and ruin them.”

They add, “She can’t help but blame David for all of this. First of all for getting involved in the first place, and then for how he handled it in his Netflix documentary last year. She did feel they should’ve brushed over it or not said too much. David has told Victoria not to let it bother her, but while Victoria knows Rebecca no longer poses any threat to her marriage, she’s terrified about what she’s going to say next."

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Two decades ago, Rebecca alleged that she had been involved in an affair with the footballer while he was playing for Real Madrid. Having worked as David’s personal assistant, the former model alleged that she and David first got together after a night out, saying, “People were not happy because I was being very unprofessional and he’s a married man.” In the same interview, Rebecca also said she was not afraid of being taken to court, alleging, “There is something I know about him, an intimate part of his body that I think only women who’ve been in bed with him would know.”

A Celeb SAS appearance would be far from Rebecca’s first TV foray. After she hit the headlines in the noughties, she didn’t shy away from the spotlight, appearing on shows including Celebrity Love Island, Temptation Island, and The Farm. Now, the mum of two lives a quieter life with her doctor husband in Norway, working as a yoga and meditation teacher, as well as a part-time medical assistant.

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While the rumoured appearance would mark a return to reality TV for Rebecca, the timing perhaps doesn’t come as a surprise. Last year, the Beckhams bared all in their Netflix documentary Beckham, even touching on David’s alleged affair scandal. While the pair never mentioned Rebecca by name, nor directly confirmed or denied affair rumours, David revealed, “There were some horrible stories, which were difficult to deal with. It was the first time that me and Victoria had been put under that kind of pressure in our marriage.” Hitting back after the documentary aired, Rebecca said, “It’s all ‘poor me.’ He needs to take responsibility. I understand he has an image to preserve, but he is portraying himself as the victim and he’s making me look like a liar.”


Now, our source says Vic is worried that the documentary may have conjured up some unexpected heat. We’re told, “Both she and David knew they would have to mention it, or else they’d be criticised for ignoring it. She does wonder if David played the victim too much, which obviously angered Rebecca. Victoria is determined to protect her family in this, and she just wants to hide away from it all. Victoria really questions why Rebecca is doing it and thinks she gets enjoyment from the notoriety of it all.

“The hurt will always be there and she hates thinking about how unhappy she was, but she won’t let Rebecca win.

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