Victoria and David Beckham SIDELINED from Brooklyn’s wedding

Incredibly, they're not the most important parents in the family

Victoria Beckham David Beckham Brooklyn Beckham wedding

by Kate Randall |

As one of the most powerful and richest couples in the UK, David and Victoria Beckham are used to having things go their way. But that was until they came up against eldest son Brooklyn’s billionaire in-laws. The 22-year-old budding photographer has been engaged to actress Nicola Peltz, 26, for over a year and, after having to postpone their big day (cheers COVID), they are now going full-steam ahead with their plans.

But as the only daughter of US businessman Nelson Peltz and his wife Claudia, Nicola’s family are keen to give her the ultimate wedding, leaving Posh and Becks feeling sidelined, even though they are also planning another bash in the UK.

Victoria Beckham David Beckham Brooklyn Beckham wedding

“Vic knows that this often happens to the groom’s family when weddings happen, but she can’t help but feel she’d like to be more involved,” our source says.

“She realises it’s not a competition and, as mother of the groom, she has put herself in charge of all things stylish and cool. Vic knows that at the US wedding, they are literally just guests – and that it’s the Peltz family who will be running the show. It’s not so much about money, even though they are far richer than the Beckhams, but about power and connections. So she wants to make sure she is involved as much as possible for the ceremony, as does David. But they both know the US wedding is the main one.”

And it seems Brooklyn and Nicola would like both sets of parents to back off a bit, even though, of course, they’re also grateful for the help.

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Victoria Beckham David Beckham Brooklyn Beckham wedding

“They are both a bit annoyed that their parents seem to be taking over, and they now want to make decisions by themselves,” our source explains. “Nicole was worried her dad would invite every one of his business and political associates, and that she would barely get a look in with her guest list, so she’s been keen to get some compromise. There’s been a few disagreements, but they’ve made it very clear that they will be making all the decisions.”

The US wedding is likely to take place at one of the Peltzes’ mega mansions, while the UK party will probably be in the grounds of the Beckhams’ Cotswolds home. But whatever happens – and whoever is invited – they want to make it a family affair, with Brooklyn’s ten-year-old sister Harper as bridesmaid and his brothers, Romeo, 18, and Cruz, 16, as his best men.

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“Harper is a bridesmaid for both ceremonies, and the boys will be best men as well – but it’s a little complicated,” we’re told.

“Nicola also has a few brothers, with a big age range, so it’s a case of trying to make sure that everyone is included, but without going too OTT. Brooklyn also wants his inner circle of Jack Ramsay and Rocco Ritchie involved, too, but they haven’t made a final decision on how to do it. They talk about having an intimate UK wedding and more an ‘event’ in the US. But from here on in, they want to choose everything themselves, because it has to be what feels right – rather than having the pressure piled on them.”

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