David Beckham tells Victoria: ‘Give it up’

He reckons it’s time for her to cut her losses and ditch the fashion dream

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She used to be the Brand Beckham trailblazer. Having gained worldwide fame in the UK’s biggest-ever girl band, she then became a style supremo, launching her eponymous fashion line to massive acclaim, and even taking home the prize for Designer Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2011. But a lot has changed over the past ten years, and while Victoria Beckham used to be her family’s biggest money-spinner, she’s now scoring its biggest losses, as her fashion and beauty empire continues to lose millions. And, apparently, her husband David’s decided enough is enough.

According to insiders, the former footballer has suggested to Vic that now might be the time to throw in the towel. But, unsurprisingly, Vic is appalled at the idea.

David and Victoria Beckham

“It’s no secret that Vic’s business has been bleeding cash for years now,” says an insider close to Vic, whose fashion and beauty company Victoria Beckham Holdings recently reported 2019 losses of £16.5m.

“David said that she’d be better off retiring and living comfortably with the kids [Brooklyn, 22, Romeo, 18, Cruz, 16, and Harper, nine], and leave him to focus on Brand Beckham, which shocked and upset her. Moving forwards, it seems as though he’s got a lot of exciting plans for the future, with his advertising deals and football club in Miami, but there’s nothing really outlined for Vic, except trying to keep her fashion career alive.

“He doesn’t understand why she won’t change direction – especially because her fashion line has been a real strain on their business relationship. He says that he can’t keep bankrolling her business, as he needs to put everything into Miami, and he can’t risk their fortune and future on it.”

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David’s had to step in more than once to save Victoria’s company from going under over the past few years, even reportedly serving as the “mystery shareholder” who offered her a £16m bailout in 2018. But over the past year, things have changed – not least since the pandemic wreaked even more havoc on the brand (in July, it was reported that Vic had to cut a fifth of her staff). Then, last week, it was revealed that Victoria’s top designer Ilaria Icardi, who’s spearheaded her brand for seven years and has been dubbed its “creative brains”, would be leaving the company later this year.

According to our source, David feels this is a clear warning sign that times will only get tougher – and with his priorities and personal finances focused on his football club Inter Miami, he’s not prepared to spend any more time and money on a loss-making brand.

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But Posh is beyond offended that, while David’s career continues to soar, he thinks she should pack it all in – especially because, as heat recently told you, she’s been looking into expanding into more lucrative projects, like beauty, homeware and reality TV. She may be prepared for the day when she has to give up on high-fashion, but Posh will never stop working on their brand.

“Vic’s said to David that she’s not ready to give it up,” we’re told. “She’s insulted that he’d think this is the next step for her. It’s bringing back a lot of past paranoia and insecurity about their marriage. She’s suddenly dreading the world going back to normal and them leading increasingly separate lives. David’s always on the go, and she’s terrified of being left behind.”

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