Who is the richest Spice Girl? Their worth ranked

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Cast your minds back to 2019 (with the year we've had, it feels like a lifetime ago) and it's possible you'll remember the pure exhilaration of bagging yourself a much coveted ticket to the Spice Girls' Spice World reunion tour.

It's also probably you don't recall that exact feeling, because you were one of the thousands left disappointed by the tickets selling out mega quick or because you just couldn't afford the £77 price tag.

Spice World tour 2019
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What you WILL remember, undoubtedly, is the Spice Girls being your ultimate idols as a child and watching Spice World The Movie on VHS approx 18364929 times.

Well, those years at the top earned (and continue to earn) Sporty, Baby, Scary, Ginger and Posh MAJOR bucks, and alongside their lucrative new careers, you can bet they won't have to worry about affording the leccy bill anytime toon.

From football superstar husbands, to hosting radio shows to guest slots on Simon Cowell's myriad talent shows, here's how the Spice Girls measure up to each other.

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Who is the richest Spice Girl?: Their worth ranked

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1. Victoria Beckham

46-year-old Victoria is the richest of the girls thanks to her fashion and beauty lines and, obviously brand Beckham. Her combined wealth with husband David Beckham is said to be a casual £339 million.In February 2021, there were conflicting reports about the success of Victoria's businesses. While MailOnline claims Victoria Beckham Beauty boasts "an incredible profit timeline" with revenue of nearly £2m in three months, The Sun reports that Posh's beauty brand has made losses of £4.7m.

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2. Geri Horner

The second-richest Spice, 48-year-old Geri Horner (née Halliwell) can thank her book series, songwriting royalties and TV roles for her earnings. Her husband, Christian Horner, is apparently worth £5.9 million.

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3. Melanie C

Melanie C's solo career and time in the Spice Girls has helped earn the 47-year-old a reported £27m fortune. She's also worked in the West End and played herself in Keith Lemon: The Film back in 2012.

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4. Emma Bunton

45-year-old Emma is apparently worth £21 million thanks to her career as a radio show host plus appearance on Dancing on Ice and in the Absolutely Fabulous movie.

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5. Melanie B

While Mel B reportedly made 'between '$220,000 and $250,000 a month' from her supposed £1.3m America's Got Talent deal, it has been claimed she blew her £37.9m Spice Girls fortune.

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Spice Girls

The group's current combined wealth is reportedly £357.4 million; as well as the tidy sum they made from the stadium shows on their 2019 tour.

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Speaking of the Spice World Tour, even if you didn't make it yourself, who could forget the wholesome content that was Adele reacting to the news the girls would be reuniting?

The Rolling In The Deep songstress is arguably one of the biggest stars of our times, but she - just like, well, basically everyone – was a huge Spice Fan back in the day and she proved it with a hella cute throwback snap of her as a whipper snapper posing in her bedroom, plastered in Spice Girls memorabilia.

The Spice Girls
The Spice Girls in their 90s heyday ©Getty

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#relatable, tbh.

It certainly wasn't all rainbows and lollipops, though, as after literally years of discussing a potential reunion, Victoria Beckham AKA Posh Spice ultimately decided not to join the girls on the 2019 tour (she later claimed she "hadn't been asked", but we move).

It didn't go down well with the aptly named Scary Spice AKA Mel B, who branded her former bandmate a "snob" and "a bit of a bitch".

AND THEN (what, you thought that was it?) Mel B sparked a feud with Geri Halliwell AKA Ginger Spice (AKA Sexy Spice) when she revealed they slept together during their spicy heyday.

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