Victoria Beckham’s fear: ‘I have to keep Mia on side’

Romeo’s ex has gone from potential daughter-in-law to possible frenemy

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Last week, it was announced that Romeo Beckham had split with girlfriend Mia Regan. And, while mum Victoria is said to be devastated, as she had high hopes they’d eventually get married, a source tells heat she’s also more than a little concerned about Mia lifting the lid on the family secrets.

Romeo and Mia, both 19, revealed they’d ended their three-year-long romance, thanks to long-distance woes taking their toll. In true Gen-Z fashion, they broke the news by making themselves Instagram unofficial. London-based model Mia’s last picture to feature Romeo was back in May, while Romeo – who now plays football in America – quickly deleted all traces of Mia from his social media, suggesting the split might not exactly be amicable.

The break-up comes as a blow to former Spice Girl Victoria, 48, who is said to have adored having Mia as her fashion and beauty muse. And the feeling is mutual, with our source saying, “Mia worships Vic and takes all her
advice. Mia thinks Vic is a superwoman. She’s her hero – and Posh lapped it up.”

Now, we’re told, Vic is keener than ever to keep the teen influencer on ‘Team Posh’ and plans to keep on working with her to promote her VB fashion and beauty brand.

“The break-up is yet another hurdle in Victoria’s dream to build a Kardashian-style empire,” our insider says. “Brand Beckham started the year so strong – with [eldest son] Brooklyn’s wedding to Nicola and Romeo’s decision to play football in Miami.

“She had hoped he’d propose to Mia – Vic thought she was a perfect girlfriend. Somewhere in her head, she was already in a momager-like scenario with the girls, helping them manage their images and personal brands. Vic is way more like Kris Jenner than anyone realises. She just can’t help herself – she thrives on control. But then, over the last couple of months, it’s all been crumbling.”

Victoria – who’s also mum to Harper, 11, and Cruz, 17 – is said to have always viewed any of the boys’ girlfriends as bonus daughters – after giving them a serious vetting, of course.

“When the boys first brought home girlfriends, Posh was always the one to take them under her wing,” the source says. “A lot of it was to check out the girls and ensure they could be trusted in the family circle, and not just looking for 15 minutes of fame. There are a lot of secrets they are exposed to, so Vic is always keen to make sure people are a good fit for the household.”

But, we’re told, the biggest thing this break-up has brought to the Beckham family is a loss of control. That’s something Victoria’s already had her fair share of this year, with her once-close relationship with Brooklyn and his billionaire heiress wife Nicola Peltzgoing sour in recent months. “Vic feels she has lost that closeness with Brooklyn and that the Beckhams have been pushed aside in favour of Nicola’s family, so there is some tension”.

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And as Brooklyn drifts away from his once tight-knit family, we’re told Victoria has been left feeling “crushed”, with the loss of Mia just another blow.

“While Nicola accused Victoria of trying to control Brooklyn’s career and private life, and interfering in their wedding, Mia felt like Vic’s back-up – especially as it seemed Nicola never really got on with Mia, either. For Victoria, having Mia around validated her feelings of ‘it’s not me, it’s you’ in regard to Nicola.”

And with Posh now having to navigate a new relationship with Mia now they’re no longer nearly family, she’ll be keeping everything crossed that the model will keep the Beckham’s secrets under lock and key.

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