Victoria Beckham: ‘Nicola Peltz used us for fame’

The feud between the designer and her daughter-in-law just stepped up another gear

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Before she started dating Brooklyn Beckham, you’d probably never heard of Nicola Peltz. But now the actress is everywhere, even bagging her second Vogue cover in the space of six months last week. Victoria Beckham’s certainly noticed. As the feud with her daughter-in-law rumbles on, she’s told friends that Nicola’s only getting this attention off the back of the Beckham name. In fact, the fashion designer is furious about the heiress “using” her eldest son for fame and is worried he’s going to get his heart crushed in the process.

“Vic says Nicola is not the charming girl they first met,” says a source close to the former Spice Girl, who’s been at loggerheads with Brooklyn’s new wife since her son’s $4million wedding in April. “Nicola wasn’t really famous before she met Brooklyn. Sure, she was rich, but she was an actress with a few small movies to her name. Since she married a Beckham, her profile has skyrocketed. It’s Vic’s worst nightmare, seeing someone apparently cashing in on their name – and tearing the family apart while doing it.”

Last week, Nicola appeared on two fashion magazine covers – Vogue Hong Kong and Wonderland – giving interviews that hinted again about a rift with her in-laws.

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TFW your wife’s been throwing massive amounts of shade at your mum ©getty images

“My mom was such a big help in my wedding,” the star gushed, with no mention of Vic, 48, who sources say was a huge part in organising the big day. It follows months of blazing tension between the pair, after reports that Nicola refused to wear a VB-designed wedding dress. A friend close to the 27 year old spoke out last week, rubbing new salt in the wound by saying Nicola “never, ever” intended to wear Victoria’s dress because, “She has too many actually talented designer friends.”

Fans wondered if the family feud was finally getting to Brooklyn, 23, after he was spotted last week leaving a date night without his wife. He was pictured sitting on the pavement outside celeb haunt Cecconi’s West Hollywood, but Nicola later denied they’d fallen out, claiming she’d gone out the back alley “to avoid the paps”. It was unclear why Brooklyn wouldn’t have used the same exit, but it’s yet more evidence for Victoria that her son’s going to get hurt.

“Nicola is a totally different person to the charming girl they met a few years ago,” says heat’s source close to Victoria, and David, who are also parents to Romeo, 20, Cruz, 17, and Harper, 11. “The Beckhams have always been really protective of their kids. Brooklyn always had girls throwing themselves at him, wanting fame, so when Nicola came along, she seemed like the dream. Vic and David knew her dad was a billionaire, so there was no fear she was after money. Plus, she seemed to want to be part of the family. But she seems more fame hungry than anyone realised.”

We’re told the most frustrating part for Posh is that she initially used her connections to help Nicola. “Before the wedding, Vic saw Brooklyn and Nicola as the next generation of Brand Beckham,” says our source.

“She helped them set up an international platform, putting her publicity people on the job and using her friendship with Anna Wintour to get them the Vogue cover for their wedding. David is urging Vic to be patient and play the long game. He says people will discover the real Nicola for themselves. But Vic has spent a lifetime building up the Beckham brand, she won’t let that be ruined. Nicola’s about to find out the battle is just beginning.”

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