Madeline Argy: who is the TikTok star rumoured to be dating Central Cee?

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There's a high chance that if you've been scrolling through your For You page on TikTok recently you will have seen one of Madeline Argy's videos. Hailed as a British Emma Chamberlain, the TikTok star has quickly risen to fame thanks to her brutally honest life stories and conversational anecdotes.

That being said, more recently her love life is getting tongues wagging just as much as her iconic content; speculation is through the roof that Madeline is dating rapper Central Cee and social media isn't dropping it.

How old is Madeline Argy?

Madeline was born in 2000 and is 21 years old.

Where does Madeline Argy live?

According to her PR agency Madeline lives in Sussex/London. The TikTok star is frequently spotted at popular London bars and restaurants.

How many followers does Madeline Argy have on TikTok?

Having posted her first TikTok video back in March 2021, Madeline has since gained 2.6million followers and a massive 75million likes.

Does Madeline Argy have Instagram?

Whilst she doesn't have the millions of followers on Instagram that she does on TikTok, Madeline has an impressive 370k followers despite only having 19 posts. Her username is @madelineargy.

Is Madeline Argy dating Central Cee?

Earlier this month a TikTok compiling all of the evidence that Madeline is dating rapper Central Cee went viral. Some of the main pointers were the fact that in Central Cee's track "Doja" he says, "how can I be homophobic? My b*tch is gay."

Whilst this doesn't confirm anything on the surface, fans were quick to remember that Madeline is bisexual, potentially making her the "b*tch" that Central Cee is referring to. Quite the 2022 serenade.

The video also showcased multiple instances that they have appeared to be sharing clothes and been sighted at the same places.

Now spurring on even more speculation, Madeline took to TikTok to address the rumours. However in her classic fashion, she chose to do it in her own way. In a recent video she is seen wearing a t-shirt that reads “I love lying” whilst saying, “I have literally never heard of Central Cee in my entire life, I’m just as confused as you are. I don’t even know what we would talk about" all whilst he appears to be in the background of the video.

If that's not confirmation, then what is, we ask you?

How long have Madeline Argy and Central Cee been dating?

Little is known about how their rumoured romance began, and it looks like Madeline won't be divulging details anytime soon.

In a recent video posted after her viral "I love lying" TikTok, one fan asked, "Is she seriously not going to address that video😭", to which she replied "Feel like I've got more interesting things to say! this the wrong place 2 come and hear art him🤝🤍." So don't hold your breath on any couple-y content from Madeline.

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