EXCLUSIVE Celebrity Big Brother: Jess Impiazzi says show producers LOCKED housemates in bedroom

'You can't get away with anything'


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Thought being locked in the Celebrity Big Brother house was bad enough? How about being locked in the Big Brother bedroom?

With a new series of CBB gracing our screens, former housemate Jess Impiazzi - who finished fourth on the show back in 2018 - has spilled the tea on TV's biggest reality show secrets.

She says, "I love Celebrity Big Brother, because it's one of the only reality shows where it's all real. There's no one interrupting it, and from my experience, you really don't speak to anyone else outside the house."

Unless you're Jamie O'Hara, that is.

Jess Then: Leaving the Big Brother house ©Getty

But while the housemates have free rein over their mouths, they don't always have free rein of the house. Appearing on the show back in 2018, Jess reveals that she and her fellow contestants found themselves locked in the bedroom.

Touching on CBB behind-the-scenes secrets, Jess says, "Obviously there's a lot of things that are cut down, because it's only an hour. You'd get locked in your bedroom at night if they were doing a change of scenery in the front room - I think they took all our sofas out and put wooden chairs in for a while.

“I once found a pen on the sidelines and tried to sneak it into my pocket – you’re not allowed pens or anything – and it exploded. I didn’t know, so there was just this bloom of ink slowly appearing down my leg. Then I heard, ‘Can Jess come to the Diary Room,’ and I was like, I’ve been busted! There was also once a chilli left in the fridge when we were on rations, so I hid that and tried to cook it… They caught me. You literally can’t get away with anything in there, so don’t try it!”

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 31: Jess Impiazzi attends the UK premiere of "The Iron Claw" at The Curzon Mayfair on January 31, 2024 in London, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/WireImage)

And being locked in wasn't the only bedroom antics Jess encountered during her time in the house. Revealing that it took some time to get used to her newfound sleeping schedule, the actress shares, "At first I was struggling to sleep, because I was sharing a bed with Maggie Oliver. For me, I like my bedtimes to be me by myself, getting cosy, so it took some adapting. I like my space, and I have an energy bubble that just bursts sometimes.

"Once I got to know Maggie, she became like a mum figure to me. I made some really good friends, especially with Amanda Barrie and Maggie. I still speak to Ann Widdecombe every now and then, and Ashley James. It does feel like your team, and it's nice to know you've got each other's backs."

Jess Impiazzi was speaking to heat on behalf of Heart Bingo

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