Why Love Island star Faye Winter’s really quit surgery

The Love Island has vowed not to have any more procedures 💉

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Love Island star and Teddy Soares' other half Faye Winter has revealed that she will never have any more filler pumped into her famous lips.

The star, who previously admitted that she was left with lips looking like an '80-year-old man’s ball sack', has said she’s turning her back on cosmetic procedures for good in a bid to keep things au naturel.

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Speaking to The Sun, the star said, "It's no secret about my lips. I had my lips dissolved and then refilled with a new technique, so it's allowed my lips to look bigger with less filler".

She continued, “Do I have plans to get anymore filler? Absolutely not. I am happy with how I look. I knew from a young age I had small lips so had some filler to make them bigger, and I had Botox for my wrinkles”.

She added, "Am I fake? No. Am I going to have anything else done? No. But am I going to tell you what I have had done, yes absolutely".

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Faye went on to tell the publication how, after her Botox injections went wrong, she was left with both eyebrows dropping out of place. Luckily, though, the star was able to have the mishap reversed and now they are “where they should be”.

Always good.

The star went on to admit how angry she gets when people comment on her new “natural” look, since having her larger lips dissolved. "No one should tell anyone what they should do with their own body" Faye said.

We couldn't agree more.

Faye Winter
Faye took to Instagram ©Instagram / Faye Winter

Faye previously took to Instagram to share with followers her decision to dissolve the filler in as well as the results. She wrote, “So today is a very exciting day…. I don’t know if it’s exciting or terrifying.

“I’m going to get my lips dissolved, and have natural lips. As you’re aware, one side is bigger than the other and that happened due to a lovely challenge in the villa. And I’ve got the lump underneath as well from it which I never had before.”

Faye Winter
The results ©Instagram / Faye Winter

She continued, “It’s not anyone’s fault and it’s not any practitioners fault prior, it is purely because of the challenge. And you can see there it’s a bit bigger as well.”

“So I’m going to get them all dissolved and have my natural lips which I’ve not seen for years, and then have them refilled next week.”

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Despite a rocky journey in the villa (nobody mention that Casa Amor hoo-ha) the Faye and Teddy's relationship has gone from strength to strength since their return to the UK.

Teddy has even hinted at an engagement after the couple recently moved in together. Speaking to Metro, he said, "Funny thing is, we were talking about Harry Winston and Tiffany’s, like rings and things".

Adding, "It’s crazy, because I’ve never felt this way about anyone and had the communication that I’ve had with Faye with anyone. So I think the way that things are going it’s perfect".

We have our hats ready.

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