EXCLUSIVE: Teddy Soares on Faye Winter’s ‘awkward’ encounter with his family 🍆

‘Oh look, he’s got his dong out!’

Faye Soares Teddy Winter

by Nathan Katnoria |

Love Island 2021 finalists Teddy Soares and Faye Winter have gone from strength to strength since leaving the villa in a very respectable fourth place this summer. They recently moved into their first home together, so we feel on safe ground saying they’ve come a long way from their infamous fiery bust-up.

Over 25,000 viewers complained to Ofcom in August when Faye kicked off at Teddy after she was shown a clip of her man admitting he was attracted to bombshell Clarisse Juliette in Casa Amor. When Teddy's brothers entered the villa in the final week, they didn’t hold back and told Faye, “You were terrible, you were terrible, you were really bad.”

Teddy Soares Faye Winter family awkward

These days it’s a different story though. Phew.

Teddy told us, “My brothers absolutely love Faye. My mum absolutely loves Faye. Every time we’re seen in the media and the press, [my mum] is always gloating about how [Faye] looks.”

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Faye Winter and Teddy Soares feud
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Faye Winter and Teddy Soares feud

Following the Mad Movies challenge that showed Teddy talking to Casa Amor bombshell Clarisse Juliette, Faye Winter was left furious. For the majority of the following episode, that was an hour-long, Faye was shouting at Teddy, Matthew MacNabb and even Dale Mehmet. As a result of the showdown, Ofcom received a record number of 24,763 complaints from viewers.

But despite the close relationship, Teddy admitted it was “awkward” when Faye joined his family to watch him strip off when he took part in The Real Full Monty alongside 2020 Islander Demi Jones, Blue singer Duncan James and EastEnders icon Laila Morse.

“My family were literally sat there at the table when I stripped it off. It was always going to be awkward for everyone,” Teddy laughed.

“It was not going to be a situation where everyone was going to look and be like, ‘Oh look, he’s got his dong out!’ I’m sure it was awkward.”

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Teddy’s comments come as he and Faye settle into their new home although he revealed the process hasn’t been as smooth as they would like.

He said, “It’s funny because we bought a sofa the other day and it’s going back, so in terms of furniture we’re going backwards rather than forwards.

“That’s mainly Faye’s vision, so we’ve got an idea of what she wants to do and the whole plan towards it. I completely trust her with it, so I can’t wait to see everything completely unfold.”

Love Island 2021 finalists Faye and Teddy
'Dong'. Awkward. ©Getty

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As for their Christmas plans, Teddy told us he’ll “probably be flying up and down the motorway” to spend festive time with his family in London and Faye’s family down in Devon.

He explained, “The idea hopefully would be to spend it together. If we can make it work, we will. I’m big into family, she’s big into family and it’s our first Christmas together.

“I’m not against her spending time with family and she’s not against me doing the same thing. But, either way, I’ll probably be flying up and down the motorway regardless. At least then we’ve seen each other at Christmas and New Year.”

Teddy is working with _premium spirits brand Boe _to, ahem, get the party started this Christmas.

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