Chloe Burrows shows off ‘shorter hair’ transformation and we’re obsessed 😍

The Love Island 2021 star has gone for the chop ✂️

by Geraint Llewellyn |

Love Island 2021 finalist and all round babe Chloe Burrows has revealed her REAL hair without her trusted blonde extensions and we're a little bit shook.

Taking to Instagram at a recent hair appointment, Chloe revealed her all natural hair in between extension fittings and she looks so different. But good different.

When it comes to our fave reality stars, we get used to seeing them rave about their hair extensions and too right, they look INSANE, but the maintenance is hard work and they often spend a lot of time in the salon getting them done (and then redone). It's a long process, but we love a sneak peak at their natural hair in between, which is always a lot shorter and thinner than their luscious extensions.


Chloe and Toby had quite the bumpy ride during their time in the villa. Toby caused drama when he initially dumped Kaz Kamwi to couple up with Chloe, only to have his head turned by Abi Rawlings. He then went into Casa Amor and coupled up with Mary Bedford.

Are you keeping up?

Despite the drama Toby then realised that Chloe was the one for him and the couple eventually came runner up in the competition to winners Liam Reardon and Millie Court.

Since then, the couple's relationship has gone from strength to strength, despite a few pesky split rumours and they're one of just two Love Island 2021 couples who are still together (RIP Millie and Liam 💔).

Speaking to MailOnline, the Love Island star said how “easy it was” making the decision to live with Toby straight away.

She admitted, “I have never lived with a boyfriend before but don't forget we lived in really intense conditions all summer, we were together 24/7 – this is nothing.

“This is very easy; there has been no adjustment period because we're so used to being around each other”.

Chloe Burrows, Toby Aromolaran
Toby and Chloe couldn't be happier ©getty

She continued, “People have the assumption that it's a bit 'too soon' but they forget how intense Love Island is – I can never explain it to someone, until you've been in it you don't get it. I remember watching it and thinking why are they crying on week one?

“We wanted to move in together sooner. We came straight off Love Island and started looking at flats. It just took us a while to find the right one”.

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