Chloe Burrows reveals why she nearly quit Love Island

'I went to welfare crying'

chloe burrows love island

by Hannah Mellin |

Oh, how we love a loose-lipped ex-Islander on a podcast.

There’s just something about podcasts; they seem to put Islanders ridiculously at ease, sending them into a euphoric chill mode where they forget all that pesky media draining.

Season 7 Love Island fave Chloe Burrows is the latest celeb to spill the tea on a podcast, revealing on the Citizen Game podcast how she almost quit the villa entirely during her 2021 stint.

Worse still, she went to Love Island 'welfare' during filming in a flood of tears over her grievance.

During the podcast interview, host Elz – who has a habit of putting ex-Islanders at ease – told Chloe she could never go on the dating show as she's far too picky. Chloe responded with absolute gold, "That was my problem. I don’t know if I’ve ever said this in public – I didn’t fancy anyone, but Toby, but I had a real thing about his age".

Chloe admitted that she went crying to Love Island's welfare team, as she didn't fancy anyone on the show, even threatening to leave the villa. She said, "I literally was like, ‘Get me out of here, get me out of here’. And then during Casa Amor all the boys came in and they just weren’t my type, you know, they’re obviously good looking boys, but they just weren’t my type, they weren’t a bit of me and I was like, ‘Get me out of here, like, I’m not going to even try and fancy anyone’.”

Chloe then came for Love Island producers, saying, "At this point, I just thought they were taking the piss out of me.”

Of course, we all now know it worked out for our Chloe. She reflected on her Love Island journey, saying it was “The best thing I could’ve ever done with my whole life.

"I feel like when you go on there, it can go one of two ways. It is a bit like rolling the dice, because people can hate you – I mean, not that people love me – but they did really hate me at the beginning.

“I went on a journey, as everyone likes to say; a nice bit of character development

“It’s changed my life. I managed to get a boyfriend out of it, so it does work.”

We love you, Chlo. Go on more niche gaming podcasts, pretty please.

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Who is Chloe Burrows?

Chloe is a financial marketing executive and current ambassador for JD Women.

Where is Chloe Burrows from?

She hails from Bicester, Oxfordshire.

How old is Chloe Burrows?

She’s 26-years-old.

Who is Chloe Burrows' boyfriend?

Chloe is still dating her Love Island catch, Toby Aromolaran. The pair got together in the 2021 Love Island villa and left the villa as that year's runners up. Toby is a footballer and models for BoohooMan.

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Does Chloe Burrows have Instagram?

She sure does. Chloe only had 1.8 thousand Instagram followers before going in. She now has 1.5million. Her feed is full of outfit shots, bikini selfies and just her living her best life with her pals. Follow her @chloe__burrows

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