Chloe Burrows FINALLY reveals reason behind Toby Aromolaran split

Chloe has revealed why Toby and Liam left her and Millie 😱😱

Chloe Burrows Toby Aromolaran split

by Hannah Mellin and Ben Pulsford |

So, we have a Toby Aromolaran and Chloe Burrows update for you and no, it's not the news you want from us (nor is it the news we want to be giving you). Full disclosure, we're not sure we're quite ready to be re-opening this painful wound, but it's what we get paid for, so here goes...

Long before Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page stole our hearts, they belonged to Love Island 2021 stars Toby and Chloe, who despite a rather turbulent time on the show, left the villa together and gave us months of months of wholesome, privileged couple content. Then 2022 hit, and suddenly, we started noticing the odd crack in the relationship. After weeks and weeks of speculation, the couple announced their split last month and we spent the rest of the month getting over it.

Aside from a couple of subtle/not-so-subtle 'digs' on social media and a revenge trip to Marrakech with Millie Court (that's Chloe, not Toby - imagine), neither Love Island star has spoken out about the reasons behind the split – until now. Well, sort of.

In a recent TikTok video, Chloe can be seen dancing around in her Juicy sweats and singing (we use the room very loosely) Gnarls Barkley's Crazy with Love Island bestie Millie – who also recently split with her own boyf (Liam Reardon). The comments naturally popped off, with one particularly brutal follower commenting, "Why did the fellas leave again ladies? 😏."

The absolute cheek.

Luckily – and true to form – Chloe responded back jovially, appearing to share the reason for her split with Toby.

She commented, "Probably our singing".

Oh, it's a joke. Saying that, that rendition of Crazy was particularly offensive. We think we'd rather Luca Bish serenaded us with another High School Musical banger before hearing that again. That's a lie, actually. No, we wouldn't.

It's only been a few weeks since it was reported that Toby and Chloe had split after just over a year together so far things have been a little passive aggressive and a little messy.

Although neither Toby nor Chloe have spoken out about the end of their relationship, fans weren't happy with a TikTok Toby posted just 24 hours after the split was made public, with some fans branding him "muggy" for the move.

The 2021 Islander posted a video hinting at his break-up with Chloe less than a day after the news broke and it's safe to say it didn't go down well.

toby aromolaran chloe burrows
Toby and Chloe have reportedly split just over a year after they met on Love Island ©Getty

Toby took to TikTok to share a video of himself which featured the text, "I don't need a BeReal. I need to BeSingle." The clip was captioned, "Arhhh shiiiii here we go again…"

Not cool, Tobes. Not cool.

Fans were quick to share their thoughts in the comments section, including one who wrote, "No whey, that’s a violation - that’s very muggy."

Another commented, "Babe chloe was the best thing to happen to u remember that king," while a third added, "My man woke and chose violence today."

One more even tagged Chloe in the post and said, "@chloeburrows PERSONALLY I wouldn’t let that slide….."

The pair had a rocky ride during their time on the ITV2 dating show last summer and faced a number of tests (not least Casa Amor) but eventually decided to reunite and finished in second place behind winners Millie and Liam.

Rumours about their relationship began swirling online earlier this year after fans noticed that Toby and Chloe haven’t been posting each other on their social media profiles. The pair called it quits in October 2022.

toby chloe love island
After a rocky ride in the Love Island villa, Toby and Chloe finished series seven in second place ©ITV Pictures

A source told The Sun, “Chloe and Toby have decided to go their separate ways.

“They have grown apart and there's no major hard feelings. Toby is currently staying with a friend while they work out what to do.”

After reportedly splitting from Toby, Chloe jetted off to Morrocco with Millie and the pair documented their trip on social media.

Chloe recently told her followers, “You know I f**ked off for a week to Morocco with Millie… yo all I had to say was I want to go and she did everything. Millie Court deserves the f**king world.”

Back in April it was reported that Chloe and Toby were "struggling to make things work", just eight months after they fell head over heels for each other on Love Island. The news came after it was revealed that Chloe has been busy training for ITV's reality show The Games as she has been cast as a stand in.

However, Chloe cleared up the speculation - on TikTok of all places.

Using the sound of Pixie Lott saying, "I've been dropping so many hints", Chloe captioned the video, "Me literally telling you I'm still with Toby...".

She then wrote underneath the video, "How do people still ask if we together :)))) HOW".

Further proving that they were still loved up, Toby even appeared on Chloe's YouTube channel in a flat tour, Mr and Mrs challenge and a birthday vlog.

It wasn't the first time Chloe or Toby hit back at split rumours as they both enjoyed a cute golf date in April and posted snaps of each other on their Instagram stories.

Toby was keen to show off his date night with Chloe as he shared a snap of her practicing her skills on a golf course.

chloe toby love island split rumours
Chloby have put on a united front following endless split rumours ©Instagram

Chloe took the chance to make a grand return to her Instagram, as she also shared snaps of their date night.

She also posted a snap of herself over the Easter bank holiday with the caption, "If u ain’t outside then where the F u at!!!!"

Chloe had been fairly quiet on both Instagram and TikTok earlier this year and barely posted snaps alongside Toby.

Fans were concerned and left comments such as "Where’s Chloe Toby?" on the pair's Instagram posts.

Toby's TikTok video's comments section very quickly became overwhelmed with questions such as "Did you and Chloe break up💔???" and "Rumours you and Chloe broke up?"

Toby Aromolaran TikTok Comments
toby seemed to ignore the speculation on tiktok ©Tiktok

Toby replied to a few comments but seemingly ignored any fans that questioned the couple's relationship status.

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