Pete Wicks slams Sam Thompson over edited photos and they’re – honestly- hilarious 😂

OMG we can hardly believe Sam did this

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Pete Wicks has hit out at his Staying Relevant podcast co-host Sam Thompson for posting edited photos of him after one of Sam’s cheeky snaps ended up in a recent edition of heat magazine. LOL.

During the latest episode of their podcast, Pete explained how Sam edits photos of him and Pete before sharing them on Instagram which often leads to embarrassing moments for the TOWIE star when they’re used in the press.

Pete fumed that a picture which Sam had manipulated to make him look “horrendous” was used in a heat mag interview the pair had done to promote the new series of their podcast.

He told their listeners, “When Sam puts pictures of me on his Instagram, he edits them all. Only slightly, but my hairline, my nose, arms, age, everything, to make me look horrendous.

“Now, the issue I have is that heat magazine, who we agreed to do this photoshoot with, out of all the pictures, picked one that he’d edited.”

Oops, soz Pete.

The former TOWIE star continued, “It’s when I’m in Marbella. You’ve made my arm so skinny it might snap. My nose looks like it could pick up litter from three metres away and my hairline is so far back. But they don’t realise that they’ve done this, they just think it’s a nice picture.”

He added, “If those pictures aren’t bad enough, there’s another one where I look like I’m potentially on my deathbed.”

Sam Thompson's edited photo of Pete Wicks
Notice how Pete's face has been edited? Naughty Sam ©Instagram/Sam Thompson

Oh Pete, we still think you look amazing even with a receding hairline and a larger than life nose.

Fancy a gander at Sam and Pete’s chat with heat? Read on for the interview in full.

You two have the ultimate bromance – why do you think your friendship works so well?

Sam: It’s because we’re not best friends – we’re more like brothers.

Pete: Not biologically, obviously, otherwise I would also have a trust fund.

S: As much as he says that he hates me, there is love there. Pete is like my big brother and he’s the first person I call whenever I need some advice.

And do you give good advice, Pete?

S: He’s amazing. It’s funny, because his life is such a car crash.

P: My advice is always, “Don’t do what I’ve done.” Because it doesn’t work.

S: You name it, he’s done it.

What’s that thing that annoys you most about each other?

P: Sam can aggravate me just by breathing.

S: The most annoying thing about Pete is that he doesn’t realise how funny he is. I’m a big try hard, and I’m aware of that, but it really annoys me how Pete doesn’t harness his people power. He could be so successful on TikTok or YouTube, but he just can’t be bothered.

He’s always appearing in your TikToks – he doesn’t need his own account!

S: He usually doesn’t want any part in them, and I really have to convince him. I tell him how much the people want to see it and then he usually comes around.

P: Well, that’s a lie – I’ve never once done anything for the fans.

Are there any TikTok videos that you’ve refused to film with Sam?

P: He’s been on at me for over a year to shave my eyebrows off. He keeps saying, “They’ll grow back…”

S: It would be so funny!

P: He’s even changed the picture in our boys’ WhatsApp group to me with no eyebrows, but it’s not happening.

Have either of you sustained any injuries filming TikToks together?

P: Wearing heels is f**king difficult and there have been a few close calls, but most of the injuries are the ones that I inflict on Sam for making me film TikToks with him. There was also an incident where my hair got caught in a balloon and I lost a whole chunk. My hairline wasn’t receding before that moment!

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Staying Relevant is back for another run – how did it come about in the first place?

S: We had the idea years ago and it was actually meant to be a sitcom.

P: We’ve done so many stupid things to try to “stay relevant” in the industry that we wrote a show about them all. We even made a pilot episode, but no one wanted it.

S: Eventually, we decided to give it a bash in podcast form and people seemed to like it. People think this industry is so glamorous, but it really isn’t unless you’re at the top, and we’ll never reach the top, we’re just milling about in the middle.

P: I think the middle is generous. We’re very much bottom feeders.

S: We’ve been in this industry for nine years now and we aren’t getting any younger, so we thought we’d share some of the most embarrassing and funny things that we’ve done that were technically “work”.

P: It’s also partly about calling out social media, because it’s not as much of a dream as people think. We’d be absolute bums if we hadn’t got lucky and been on reality shows and we think it’s only fair that people know that.

S: I did find Pete asleep in the studio this morning after a big night out, so he’s still kind of a bum.

Who would be a dream guest?

S: Molly-Mae Hague.

P: We’ve got very different ideas when it comes to dream guests.

S: Pete’s gunning for an actor.

P: I like guests who have got talent and are interesting, so maybe Stephen Graham.

S: Actually, I’d like to amend my original answer – I think Ricky Gervais would be a great guest, because The Office is basically a satirical view of office life and our podcast is a satirical view of the showbiz industry.

P: That’s actually a very good answer.

S: Molly-Mae can be my second choice.

When it comes to working together, who’s the more professional?

S: As soon as he sits in front of a mic, Pete becomes quite professional whereas I panic a bit.

P: As fas as professionalism goes, we’re not great. I’m generally hungover and Sam struggles with his bodily functions. He farted on [singer] Tom Grennan.

S: I didn’t fart on him, I farted near him. I did sneeze on [rugby star] Joe Marler, though.

Who’s funnier?

S: I’m going to say Pete. He’s like Karl Pilkington from An Idiot Abroad – he has no idea how funny he is.

P: If we’re talking intentionally funny, then me, because Sam’s got the wit of a f**king flannel.

What do fans usually say to you in the street?

P: “My nan loves you.”

S: They tell me, “My nan fancies Pete Wicks.” Or sometimes, “Is Pete always that angry?”

P: Oh, I actually do get, “Is Sam that annoying?” They also always ask me “Where’s Sam?” as though we’re joined at the hip and can’t leave the house without each other. I was in an airport in Morocco and someone came up to me and asked where Sam was. What am I meant to say? “Oh, hang on, let me just get him out of my pocket!”

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What’s the weirdest encounter that you’ve ever had with a fan?

S: I don’t really have that many fans…

P: Oh, I’ve had loads of weird encounters with fans. Have you heard about Mr Sniffer? That’s a weird one. He was a guy who was continually offering me an awful lot of money to buy my pants. I thought he was just a social media weirdo, but then I actually met him in person. I’ve had a stalker, a couple of fainters… Someone’s pissed themselves before.

S: What?

P: The fainter was a weird one, because I didn’t know what to do and stepped back, so it looked like I’d dropped her. That was obviously years ago when I was interesting – I don’t have so many fun stories now that I’m old.

S: Doing a podcast and radio instead of TV, those kind of meet-and-greets don’t really happen any more.

P: I’ve gotten so old that I’ve come off TV to do radio, so that no one can see my ageing face.

What was behind your decision to leave TOWIE, Pete?

S: I’ll answer this…

P: No, you won’t! All I can say is that I’d been on the show a long time and I’d never really taken a step back from it, so I thought it was about time that I did.

Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks
Oh, how we'd love to be the meat in a Sam and Pete sandwich ©Getty

Sam, you’re now the face of the Love Island podcast with Indiyah Polack. How’s that going?

S: Indiyah is a bit like my work wife now. She’s the second-best co-host I’ve ever had, because naturally Pete is my number one.

P: You’ve only ever had two co-hosts, so that isn’t really a compliment.

S: We get on so well, even though we disagree about everything. Considering we only met a few weeks ago, I already feel so comfortable around her. I could genuinely poo in front of that girl.

P: It doesn’t take much for you to cross that boundary to be fair.

And, finally, because it is Valentine’s Day – have you got any romantic plans?

S: I’m taking Zara [McDermott, his GF] to a cat café.

P: Didn’t you give her food poisoning last year?

S: Yes. My carbonara made her sick, hence why I’m getting someone else to cook the food this time.

P: I think Valentine’s Day is such a lot of faff. If you want to be romantic, do it 365 days of the year. I will be staying off social media, because it makes me feel sick watching all those cringey videos with How Long Will I Love You playing over the top.

S: You only say that because you’re single.

Series two of Sam and Pete’s podcast Staying Relevant is out now! Look out for it and follow @stayingrelevant on socials.

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