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'Coolest friend group'

Francis Bourgeois Love Island

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Francis Bourgeois seems to be everywhere at the moment. Whether you've seen him on TikTok or even on This Morning chatting to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, you've almost certainly seen something of the 21 year old trainspotter taking the internet by storm.

He's making more noise at the moment than the tones of a class 377 (or honks to those not yet in the know) with cosigns from a multitude of famous faces including Joe Jonas and Arsenal superstar Thierry Henry.

Francis Bourgeois

Well it seems in addition to those famous faces, Francis also has a connection to Love Island and we are SHOOK. Honestly, we would never have seen this crossover coming but we are 100% HERE FOR IT.

We know what you're thinking and no, Francis Bourgeois will not be taking part in the latest series of the hit reality TV show. He is clearly still very much loved up with girlfriend Amy Linkin.

Francis Bourgeois and Amy Linkin

Francis' connection to the show comes in the form of his friendship with Scott Staniland, twin brother of Love Island 2021 star Brett Staniland (you know the guy Priya Gopaldas dumped over him not liking the right kind of cheese).

Scott posted a video of him and Francis scooting through the streets of London with the caption, "POV you go for a scoot with Francis Bourgeois."

While only Scott and Francis appear in the video, a third party was clearly filming their scoot and we reckon there's a good chance it could be Brett.

Not to mention the fact someone commented, "best friend group", to which Scott replied, "can't argue with that."

No we don't know about you but to us group seems like more than two? Maybe this group includes Brett, but who's to say?

Now we don't know how they met, but we're thrilled to see Francis has a connection (no matter how strenuous) to Love Island and here's to hoping there'll be more crossovers in the future 🤞.

But outside of this surprising connection you may find yourself wondering "who is the TikTok star? Where did he come from? And is he really that into trains?" Well the answer to that last question is definitely yes - he really is that into trains, and there's a lot we can learn from him and his passion for his hobby.

Here's everything you need to know about the viral trainspotter (and some things we can all learn from him)...

Who is Francis Bourgeois?

Francis Bourgeois is a TikToker and train enthusiast. He has amassed a large following on TikTok from his unique trainspotting videos, filmed on a camera attached to his head which gives a quite frankly hilarious visual.

What is Francis Bourgeois' real name?

Well according to The Tab, his real name is actually Luke Magnus.

How old is Francis Bourgeois?

Francis Bourgeois is 21 years old.

Is Francis Bourgeois real?

Yes, Francis Bourgeois is real. He's really that passionate about trains.

What is Francis Bourgeois' hobby and why is he so passionate about it?

Francis Bourgeois is a lover of train-spotting and all things train related. It's inspiring to see someone so genuinely passionate about something (we all wish we were). Francis has been passionate about trains from the age of four, as he told Holly and Phil on This Morning. When he was younger he lived near Willesdon Junction in London, so he'd see many different types of trains from a young age.

He started trainspotting during his teenage years but it was only once he started posting his trips on TikTok that he amassed a large following. Whilst some have questioned how genuine he is, trust us when we say he is the real deal. Either that or he is the best actor we've ever seen, with a back story written by a Nobel prize winning author. Have you seen the way he falls out of his chair in sheer awe of the class 377 passing by? You really couldn't make this stuff up.

Whilst some may not see the appeal of trainspotting, the passion Francis has for his hobby is truly inspiring and teaches us a valuable lesson: to pursue what makes us happy and not worry about how others may perceive us.

Francis Bourgeois

Why do people love Francis Bourgeois so much?

Trainspotting is a bit of a niche hobby (although Francis may be changing that). It wouldn't be a stretch to say, therefore, that it is less the trains bringing people to Francis' videos and rather Francis himself and the pure joy on show in all of his TikToks. As Joe Jonas commented on one of Francis' TikTok's, "You are happiness". And this definitely rings true.

We challenge you to watch his videos and not crack a smile - honestly it's impossible... how can you hear that infectious laughter and not find yourself grinning at your phone?

Francis Bourgeois Gucci x The North Face

TikTok stars making the jump from social media to high profile careers in The 'Biz is nothing new, but we think this crossover is the best yet.

In January 2022, The North Face x Gucci dropped their second ready to wear collection (dubbed The Second Chapter), with Francis featuring in a short promotional video to advertise the line on social media. In it, Frances wears his signature trainspotting uniform while fellow models rock the new garms in the collection.

Given the outdoorsy nature of Francis' passion, it seems like a partnership destined for greatness, doesn't it?

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Who are Francis Bourgeois' fans?

Francis has fans from all walks of life: From KSI, to Metallica who commented, "... and tones for all" on one of his recent videos, suggesting there could be a Metallica/KSI collab on the horizon featuring Francis' tones (although this could be wishful thinking). Francis recently made a video with Thierry Henry in which he gave him a train whistle. In this TikTok Francis told Thierry about how he was given the whistle from Selhurst train depot, but as he likes to "pass kindness on", he thought he'd give the whistle to Thierry - something we can all take away and apply to our own lives.

Along with his famous friends, Francis has amassed a whopping 1.6 million followers on TikTok and 868k on Instagram. Francis really is bringing people together, introducing many to trainspotting through his infectious passion and happiness.

What is Francis Bourgeois' reaction to hearing a train honk?

Francis Bourgeois gets unparalleled joy from hearing train honks (or "tones" for the trainspotting aficionados out there). The laughter he gets from hearing the tones is infectious and displays a true passion for his hobby. The more tones the better for Francis, with laughing fits often following a barrage of honks.

The only thing it seems that can bring him more joy is to do the honking himself. He recently attempted to do 100 tones as he passed through a tunnel at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. Sadly he only managed 73, but this is still definitely an achievement.

What's up with Francis Bourgeois' camera angles?

One of the main reasons people are initially drawn to Francis' TikTok page is his use of a GoPro camera strapped to his face - these camera angles feature heavily in all his videos, giving us a strange warped view of his face. These reaction shots are a little bizarre and are one of the quirks that make Francis stand out from other TikTokers.

It's unclear why he has chosen to go for these shots: It may be to make him stand out? It may be to fully embrace the weirdness of reaction videos? It could just be a bit of fun? Whatever the reason they are something that make his videos truly unique and we love them.

What is Francis Bourgeois' taste in fashion?

One of the most eye catching things about Francis is his taste in fashion. In his videos he is typically wearing an item of railway uniform, be it a National Rail shirt or a vintage conductors jacket and hat. But he often pairs these items with a nice range of streetwear, from Carhartt trousers to pristine sneakers, and some funky vintage jumpers. This and his single earring make Francis something of a trendsetter - we can picture it already, the slews of people going on to take inspiration from his style in the coming months. Francis may prove to be a true trendsetter, with his unique and funky style.

Is Francis Bourgeois a model?

Yes Francis Bourgeois is also a model (his exquisite fashion taste makes a lot more sense now). Francis is signed to Brother Models – check out his fashion profile with examples of his modelling work. The future is bright for Francis Bourgeois.

Does Francis Bourgeois know Billie Eilish?

Francis has a great sense of humour. He doesn't take himself too seriously, as is clear in his videos. He first attracted attention on TikTok through posting a couple of fake Instagram Live interviews with Billie Eilish and the British rapper Swarmz. These videos are actually pretty convincing.

Whilst Billie never responded, Swarmz wasn't too pleased about the video, reposting it and branding Francis a "weirdo", to which Francis' fans retaliated. It is clear from this that right from the start Francis' videos weren't supposed to be taken completely seriously - and with all the seriousness in the world at the moment, Francis is bringing some much needed silliness to the table.

Does Francis Bourgeois go clubbing?

Outside of trainspotting, Francis loves attending music festivals with his friends. He recently went to The Warehouse Project in Manchester, where he starred in a promotional video for the event. Whilst some may not have thought this to be his scene, Francis embraced it and rocked his normal attire.

Is Francis Bourgeois a student?

Francis Bourgeois is currently studying mechanical engineering at the University of Nottingham. Following his degree he wants to go into railway engineering and infrastructure engineering. He said on This Morning that he wants to contribute his "passion for trains and also engineering to make the railway network a better place for everyone". This statement earned a round of applause from Holly and Phil, and so it should - it is a noble goal and shows how our passions can be followed into our professional lives.

What is Francis Bourgeois' job?

Francis has recently quit his job to pursue his hobby full time. He revealed this in a recent Instagram Story where he claimed, "Today I quit my job to do trainspotting full time". Once again he proves what can happen when you follow your passions. As well as being great news for Francis this is great news for us, as it means there will be even more incredible trainspotting content on the horizon.

The job he left is unknown, but it seems his success on TikTok is what has allowed him to make this change.

Is Francis Bourgeois in a relationship?

Back in December of 2021 Francis confirmed he was in a relationship with Amy Linkin, a student studying Communication with Business Studies at the University of Brighton. Francis announced the news on TikTok when he referred to Amy as his girlfriend.

Many of his fans were devastated to hear that he was no longer on the market and took to the comment section to voice their feelings.

Things seem to be going well for Francis and Amy, as the two of them recently walked the NME Awards red carpet together (awwww).

Does Francis Bourgeois have TikTok?

He does, you can follow him @francis.bourgeois.

Does Francis Bourgeois have instagram?

He does, you can follow him @francis_bourgeois43.

What can we learn from Francis Bourgeois?

We can learn a lot from Francis. For one we can learn the value of being yourself, and following your passions without being concerned about what others may think. Whilst you may not have a hobby like trainspotting, there will no doubt be something in your life you are passionate about. Allow that to be to you what trainspotting is to Francis.

Francis has amassed his social media following through being himself, quirks and all. As a result of this many have been quick to question the reality of his persona - it could be, however, that they were not used to seeing someone be so purely and unapologetically themselves, especially on social media. We can all learn a lot from Francis - from the joy he brings to many through his passion and his general outlook on life.

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