Love Islander Anna’s sister SLAMS Jordan during furious Instagram tirade😱

It's all got very messy

Love Island's Anna and Jordan

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Last night's (23rd July) episode of Love Island saw the biggest bust-up YET, after Jordan Hames told India Reynolds that his head had been turned by her, leading to his girlfriend Anna Vakili's fiery outburst.

And the drama hasn't just stayed on our TV screens because Anna's sister Mandi Vakili has taken to Instagram to slam Jordan, calling him "Shrek".

Posting a video to her Instagram story, Mandi cruelly said, "I can't believe that this 23 year old Shrek lookalike has been playing a game this whole time.

"He's been lying through the gaps in his teeth".

Mandi Vakili
©Instagram story

She went on to say, "You've been playing a game, he's been faking this [the] whole time to get to the finals. This is why you haven't had a relationship.

"You don't know feelings, you are just a cold heart p---k who doesn't take anyone feelings into consideration". SAVAGE.

And she didn't stop there, Mandi concluded, "Why would you ask someone to be your girlfriend if you even have that doubt in your mind that your head might turn. Two days later you realised you fancy a girl that's been there at the time when you asked her to be your girlfriend".

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Fans took to Twitter after the argument. One user wrote, 'Jordan just called her negative put this man UNDER THE JAIL. HE CHEATED ON HER THEN CALLED HER NEGATIVE. I AM SICK. OMG #LoveIsland', whilst another said, 'Anna standing up for herself cus she can do 100000x better'. [sic]

However, 2018 Islanders Jack Fowler and Wes Nelson have defended Jordan, with Jack taking to Instagram to say, 'THIS IS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT... Don't rate that at all... what's his appearance got to do with his actions. I've slightly roasted him tonight but haven't needed to start dig him out like that'.

Love Island's Jordan
©Instagram story

Mandi's outburst came after Anna also fired back her boyfriend in front of the whole villa. She called him a game player and said he was on the show for the £50,000 prize, to which Jordan responded, “If I was playing a game I would have stayed with you".

Last night's episode then ended with it looking like there was no going back for Jordan and Anna, meaning ANOTHER couple are on the brink of splitting up.

The show just keeps on giving us drama!

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