Love Island’s Montana Brown posts ‘flapping’ dance video and we have no words

Well, this is quite random, isn't it?

Montana Brown

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Montana Brown made us laugh with her quirky ways and hilarious metaphors during her time on Love Island back in 2017. And she's managed to keep up the jokes ever since.

And in a new social media post, the reality star has shown off her dancing skills and, um, maybe she should stick to dancing in da club?

Uploading a video to Instagram, Montana took the mick out of herself, showing off her attempt to pull off some saucy dance moves, while dressed in a swimming costume.

She said, "This video makes me lol every time I watch it so I thought I'd share me half dancing half flapping", before writing in the comments section, "I actually can’t cope with myself I look like a robot at the end 😂😂😂."

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The most DRAMATIC forgotten moments from Love Island 2017 (slider)

Love Island 20171 of 15

Nobody choosing Marcel

Will we ever recover from that heartbreaking moment in episode one when none of the girls chose to couple up with Marcel? Probably not.Mustn't have realised he used to be in Blazin' Squad.

Love Island 20172 of 15

Craig (remember him?) and Camilla

Oh, there was so much potential. Until Craig said he wasn't 'ready for Pro Green/Millie Mackintosh part two' in potentially the most misjudged flirty joke ever. Things went downhill. Rapidly.

Love Island 20173 of 15

The original couples

It's kinda hard to believe in hindsight, but the original Love Island couples were Kem Cetinay and Chloe Crowhurst, Amber Davies and Harley Judge, Marcel Somerville, Montana Brown and Dom Lever, Olivia Attwood and Sam Gowland and Camilla Thurlow. MADNESS.

Love Island 20174 of 15

Olivia and Sam were a thing

Until Olivia famously got 'the ick,' that is.

Love Island 20175 of 15

Oh, and so were Chris and Chloe

They didn't make it much further than a hot tub fumble, but for a very brief moment it looked like #Chroe could've happened.

Love Island 20176 of 15

This iconic Jonny facial expression

Jonny was not impressed with Theo and then-bae Tyla's recreation of the infamous Dirty Dancing lift; and this image is ingrained in our brains forever.

Love Island 20177 of 15

Marcel's Lion King mix-up

Marcel's musical background is Blazin' Squad, you see. They're a RAP COLLECTIVE. So it's no wonder he thought the lyrics to The Lion King's Circle of Life were, um, 'the future of life.' Amazing.

Love Island 20178 of 15

That Montana/Jess/Dom love triangle

It was complicated af, but basically Montana liked Dom (who was kind of into her), but since Montana had had a thing with Jess's ex-boyfriend (still with us?) Jess then legit STOLE Dom from Montana. Christ.

Love Island 20179 of 15

Also, Jason Staythumb Gate

Another Chris classic; this time with him sending the internet into a shit-fit after his misspelling of Jason Statham. Never forget, folks.

Love Island 201710 of 15

The OG bromance

Way before Chris and Kem came Marcel and Harley, and it'd completely slipped our minds. Oh Harley, hun.

Love Island 201711 of 15

Camilla and Jonny's fight over feminism

Love Island 201712 of 15

Marcel drops the 'L' word to Gabby

Oh GAHD. It's always a tough one to predict, but it's safe to say Marcel gave Gabby the 'I love you' spiel slightly prematurely as she refused to say it back. So bloody awkward.

Love Island 201713 of 15

...Then totally backtracks

Naturally. At least they're still very much together to this day, eh?

Love Island 201714 of 15

'Garlicio' Gate

Remember when Chris Hughes, being abroad and all that, asked a Spanish local for 'garlico'? Said local's face says it all, tbh.

Love Island 201715 of 15

Amber's fib ud83dudc40

During the whole 'truth or lie' debacle Amber claimed Chris had hit on her; causing a right ol' rift between Chris and BFF Kem.

And her friends and fans, obviously, are loving the video. Her Love Island co-star Gabby Allen wrote, "Hahhaha hahahahaha I love this so much made my dayyyy", while another commented, "This is so good 😂😂😂 you little pro."

Bake Off star Candice Brown said, "You are actually 🔥🔥🔥🔥", and another fan added, "YAAAAAASSSS she a dancing QUEEEEN 👸🏽 🙌🏼."

WATCH episode 1 of heat's Under the Duvet with VOXI below:

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Montanna's post definitely shows her ex Elliott Reeder what he's missing, after the pair "split" earlier this month.

She went public with her new man in February 2018; just two months after the pair allegedly met.

However, the 23 year old still hasn't publicly commented on the news.

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