AJ Bunker ‘got aired’ by fellow Islanders amid cast ‘rift’

The Love Island 2021 star has admitted there’s a divide between this year’s stars

love island rift aj bunker

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They’ve barely been out of the villa two minutes but there's already a rift between this year's Islanders, with AJ Bunker revealing a “divide” between the Love Island contestants.

Despite only being on the show for a matter of days (six, to be exact), bombshell AJ has the tea, and we are here for it....

love island rift aj bunker
AJ's spilled the tea on a 'rift' between the 2021 islanders ©Getty

Speaking to OK!, the star (who briefly coupled up with Hugo Hammond in the villa) revealed that she believed there is a divide between the 2021 finalists and all the other contestants.

After inviting all of this year's Islanders to her joint birthday party with fellow bombshell Amy Day, AJ admitted that many of her co-stars didn’t even respond - charming.

While she is still close with most of the late entrants, the same cannot be said for the other Islanders as she explained , “I invited everyone to mine and Amy's party the other day and got completely aired, so you know when you're like, 'Oh great'."

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Love Island 2021's top 10 most shocking moments

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Hugo calling out Toby in the recoupling for his shady behaviour with Chloe

After Toby decided to recouple with Abi instead of Chloe, Hugo called him out on his actions in a speech that stunned the villa and had Toby branding him as a 'girl follower'.

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Liam’s antics with Lillie in Casa Amor

Ahh - Casa Amor... This year's trip to Casa Amor was one of the most explosive in Love Island history! Whilst it was full of shady moments, Liam kissing Lillie whilst Millie slept outside in the main villa was certainly up there with the most shocking.

love island3 of 10
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Lillie revealing Liam’s actions in the Casa Amor recoupling

What followed was even more dramatic... With Liam seemingly getting away with his Casa Amor actions after coming back single, Lillie decided to share her version of events, leaving the villa reeling!

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Matt’s short and sweet dumping of Kaz - “We’re Done”

After Kaz started to play games with Tyler to get his affection back, Matt who she was currently coupled with, decided to dump her. He ended it with a simple 'I'm done' and walk-away – Simply ICONIC.

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Toby confessing that he still likes Chloe after coming back into the villa with Mary

Another shocking post-Casa Amor moment saw Toby realise that he still had feelings for Chloe after bringing Mary back to the main villa. Toby had to dump Kaz, Abi and Mary before realising where his feelings truly lie, but he seems totally smitten now!

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Teddy coming back to the main villa single with Faye’s stuffed animal

Teddy had stayed single the whole time during Casa Amor, and came back to find Faye recoupled with new boy Sam. He returned with Faye's stuffed animal only to find himself single again in the villa, leaving us feeling not only shocked, but with a tear in our eye.

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Hugo telling the producers that finding love in the villa was ‘tragic’ whilst standing next to Amy

In a post-exit interview, Hugo described his quest to find love in the villa 'tragic' whilst standing right next to Amy, the very girl he was pursuing - AWKWARD!

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Faye confronting Teddy about his time in Casa Amor

After seeing a clip of Teddy chatting about his attraction to Clarisse in Casa Amor, Faye decided to confront Teddy. In one of the most heated moments of the series, Faye confronted Teddy about how it made her feel. She later apologised for the way she approached the situation and the two have reconciled.

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Tyler Kissing Clarisse in Casa Amor

Tyler shocked fans when he kissed Clarisse whilst Kaz initially stayed single for him in the main villa. But once that infamous postcard came in from Casa Amor, everything began to change!

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Liberty breaking up with Jake

In what may be the most shocking moment in Love Island entire history– Jake and Liberty decide to end their relationship. After reviewing how Jake makes her feel, Liberty makes the hard decision to end things in order to stay true to herself. The pair later made the decision to quit the villa, just days ahead of the final.

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The star admitted that she understood the finalists were busy, but was disappointed nobody even took the time to text, 'Have a good night, happy birthday'.

Speaking about who responded to her invitation, the star admitted only a few fellow Islanders messaged to apologise for not being able to make the party, while the majority "just ignored it”.

Love Island
2021's cast ©ITV

Asked if she thinks there was a divide between the finalists and the rest of the stars, AJ revealed, "Yeah I think there is, it's just because you don't see them much. I don't know if it's because they're couples and they're so happy in their couples that they're concentrating or have got a stronger bond, but I feel there's definitely a bit of a rift."

"But, I'm someone that's always gonna be nice to everybody so I'd never air anyone," AJ insisted.

AJ went on to admit that she was unsure if the couples who made it to the final felt in a “different league “ to those who left earlier like herself, or if they are just busy in their relationships.

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In other Love Island news ...

After much speculation, 2021 stars Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank have confirmed that they have split after just four months.

Kaz Kamwi Tyler Cruickshank
The couple announced their split ©Getty

In a joint statement the couple wrote, “We are extremely sad to announce that we have decided to end our romantic relationship. We have had a fantastic journey and we will always have a special bond between us. We will continue to be very much in one another’s lives and support each other in every way. We are so grateful that we have shared this Love Island experience with each other, and we will continue to support each other’s careers.

They continued, “Life since the villa has been amazing, but it’s taking time to adjust to a normal in the public eye. This part of the journey hasn’t been easy for us but we're learning. Thank you to very single person who has supported us, we appreciate you more than you will ever know.”

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