The most controversial Love Island Twitter challenge moments EVER

So. Awkward.

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The Love Island Twitter challenge has come in many forms - games on the show include Online Buzz, Let Slip and Twitter Bingo. But it's become a TV classic well known for creating awkward silences, catty comments and full-on fights.

In the controversial challenge, Islanders read out tweets from fans of the show dissecting their (sometimes questionable) behaviour on the show.

The names of the Islanders mentioned in the tweets are blanked out as their fellow contestants have to guess who the tweet was written about.

While we won't be able to indulge in watching the challenge this time around - The Sun recently reported that the brutal Twitter challenge would not appear on the winter version of Love Island amid claims of false tweets, but thankfully it's not been ditched for good.

So, if you want to take a trip down memory lane and remember all the bust-ups and awkward moments of past Love Island Twitter challenges, read our definitive list of the challenge's most controversial moments before we trade in the Twitter challenge for tonight's Online Buzz.


The most controversial Love Island Twitter challenge moments

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Charlie Brake's 'cock sucker' comment

What a way with words. In 2018 Charlie shocked the Islanders by suggesting that the blanks in this tweet about Megan Barton-Hanson: 'Megan is like a giant ... ... watch out boys, she'll eat you alive' (@jojoweb1981) were 'cock sucker".

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love island twitter challenge

In response, Megan said: "Cock sucker... Megan is a giant cock sucker, watch out boys... What the f*ck?" Fair enough tbh. Most of the Islanders answered with a slightly more delicate 'man eater', but the answer was in fact 'praying mantis'.

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Calling out Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart's relationship troubles

In 2019, Anton Danyluk read out this controversial tweet making a dig at Amy and Curtis' relationship, suggesting that Curtis deserved better than being with Amy. Ouch.

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love island twitter challenge

Awkward silence ensued before Curtis said: "Thank you for your opinion it's an opinion'" Amy said, quite rightly: "Shut up".

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Alex Bowen's 'new bird' comments

When this tweet was read out in 2016, there was radio silence from the boys. Alex and Olivia Buckland both knew he'd said the comment, so it was a pretty awkward moment.

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love island twitter challenge

"It just p*ssed me off so much," said Olivia. Yep, we'd be very unimpressed if someone said this about us, too.

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Tommy Fury and Lucie Donlan's chemistry

You could see actual tumbleweed when Anton read this tweet about Tommy and Lucie out in 2019. This one's particularly awkward because Tommy was coupled up with Molly-Mae Hague at the time - eek.

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love island twitter challenge

This may have been the most awkward Twitter challenge moment ever. Amber Gill said: "Jesus Christ...that's awkward." That's probably all there is to say.

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Stormzy's famous tweet in support of Chris Hughes

Ah, no-one quite brought drama to the villa like Chris and Olivia Attwood. It's safe to say Olivia was not impressed after the subject of this famous Stormzy tweet turned out to be Chris.

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love island twitter challenge

Chris looked pretty pleased with himself, but Olivia was having absolutely none of it. She said: "I wouldn't sit there whispering to Amber Chris, you look like a f_cking tw_t." In true Chris and Olivia style, Chris replied with "Liv, just wind your f*cking neck in." We miss them.

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Amy and Curtis' lack of 'genuine connection'

When Lucie read out this tweet in 2019, it wasn't even the true answer that was most awkward. Anna Vakili suggested that the blanks were in fact 'sexual chemistry'. Yikes.

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love island twitter challenge

The Islanders were shocked to learn that fans thought that Amy and Curtis had no 'genuine connection'. Curtis said: "All I'm going to say is bull...beeeep." We'll leave it to you to fill in the blanks.

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THAT Molly-Mae 50K tweet

When Lucie read out this controversial tweet about Molly-Mae and Tommy's relationship in 2019, the Islanders were SHOOK. It was pretty awkward, we're not going to lie.

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love island twitter challenge

Understandably, Molly-Mae was NOT impressed with the savage tweet. She said: "I literally came in for one thing, not money, and I've found it so that's that."

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Olivia being 'pied' prediction

As soon as this tweet was read out, Olivia knew it was about her. After discovering her name was in the blank, she looked pretty upset, fending off a hug from fellow Islander Sophie Gradon.

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love island twitter challenge

Alex tried to reassure Olivia, he said: "Why do you care what a couple of little girls think?" But Olivia was not convinced and replied: "It's what I think." Luckily she never did get pied and the pair even got married in 2018. Phew.

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