Olivia Bowen: ‘Alex cannot keep presents a surprise’

There are no secrets in the Bowen household...

Olivia and Alex Bowen

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When it came to Love Island star Olivia Bowen’s Christmas wish list, she was not in the high-maintenance category.

“I couldn’t care less about what was under the tree – I was just hoping for a break,” she tells us. And that’s fair enough, as it was a busy 2023 for the Love Island 2016 alum, 30, her husband Alex, 32, and their son Abel, 18 months.

After the couple sold their £1.3m Essex home, they are now temporarily living in a (huge) cottage as their new pad is in the works. But first, Olivia has a milestone birthday to celebrate...

What were your New Year's Eve plans?

I actually stayed in because I’ve got my 30th birthday on 3 January. I need to be ready and prepared, and I can’t do
both. I just have to go out once a month basically, because I’m old now.

Have you made any resolutions?

I’m not a massive New Year’s resolutions kind of gal. I sort of fell off the running wagon, and I love my running. But I started again recently. So, I’m saying to myself, “Really stick to it because it makes you happy.”

Who is the better gift giver out of you and Alex?

Oh, that’s so hard. Alex is really thoughtful – something he buys me will have a lot of thought behind it, and he’ll know exactly what he’s getting three months in advance. But I do give good presents. That’s my thing.

Do you drop hints or prefer a surprise?

Alex is awful with that, he cannot keep a surprise to save his life. He actually took me to Budapest recently. He wasn’t meant to tell me, but we got drunk one night and he told me. I was like, “For God’s sake, you can’t keep anything to your chest.” I think I’m quite used to just knowing what’s going on.

How was it preparing for Christmas in a temporary home?

It was a bit stressful, but if there’s one thing I was going to do, it’s decorate for Christmas. It had to feel homely, cute and posey.

What are some of your favourite festive traditions?

We’ve always had Christmas tree presents. Is that a thing?

Heat Cover

As in stockings by the tree?

No, my mum used to wrap up little presents and put them in the tree, and then we’d open them after dinner.

How would you sum up your 2023?

A bit of a whirlwind! I just feel like I need to sleep for a good week.

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