Olivia Attwood speaks out on husband Bradley Dack’s ‘head turn for boobs’

The Love Island star talks about Bard's big boo-boo

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One of the most successful of the  former Love Island stars – having starred on the show in 2017 – more recently, Olivia Attwood has been using her platform to front multiple documentaries, bringing attention to first the sex industry, then online trolling, and now cosmetic surgery.

Always honest and often self-effacing Olivia chatted with us ahead of her new documentary, The Price of Perfection, including giving her take on husband of seven months Bradley Dack's "divisive' remarks about big boobs.

Olivia Attwood and Bradley Dack
Olivia Attwood and Bradley Dack in 2021 ©Getty

During the first episode, you witness a breast augmentation. How did it feel to watch a procedure you’ve
had done yourself?

Obviously, I know what a boob job entails – that’s the only surgical work I’ve had done – but watching someone actually have the surgery you’ve lived through is quite a crazy feeling. Weirdly, I found it harder to watch the footage back than I did being there in person, because seeing it live was so fascinating. We couldn’t believe that we were able to get that kind of access. Something I really wanted to get over in this docu is that while a breast augmentation can be straightforward, it’s still major surgery. You’re having general anaesthetic and your body is being sliced open. I hope it makes viewers – especially young women – pause and be more considered about their decision to get work done.

Love Island 2017 Olvia Attwood
Olivia Attwood on Love Island in 2017 ©ITV / Shutterstock

In 2019, you decided to have a breast reduction. Do you regret getting your initial boob job at 20?

It wouldn’t say I regret it because I’ve still got breast implants and I’m very happy with them.
I just think that, at the time, I should have taken a deep breath and slowed down. They didn’t need to be so big, but I would have probably got them done at some point. For the first one, I paid around £4,000, but for my correction, I paid over £12,000. It’s important to remember that if it doesn’t go well, putting it right will cost you double.

In the docu, Bradley comments that if you hadn’t had your big boobs, he wouldn’t have looked at you twice. Did that surprise you?

We have a very open relationship and we’re always very straight with each other, so I think it was kind of cool that he was honest like that. He wasn’t saying, “I wouldn’t love you if you had smaller boobs”, but, “What turned my head was the way you look”. I think it was nice he was so transparent. I have a feeling his comment will divide viewers, though!

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What’s your relationship with your body like now?

In the last few years, I’ve started working out and prioritising eating the right foods and, as obvious as it sounds, it’s made a massive difference to how I feel. I don’t mean slaving away in the gym, I just mean having that mind-body connection.I think when you treat your body kindly, it thanks you in return.

Watch Olivia Attwood: The Price Of Perfection on ITVX from Thursday I8 January.

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