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The Love Island final day has finally arrived and come tomorrow we will have a new King and Queen of love to obsess over, we just REALLY hope it’s Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran.

After eight weeks of Toby grafting every girl that walks into the villa, pieing Chloe then realising she’s the one for him and A LOT of graduating (we think these two even got their masters degree), Chloe and Toby have made a complete U-turn in front of our eyes and have become one of the most beloved Love Island couples ever.

chloe toby love island winners

Here’s all the reasons why Chloby should be crowned winners of Love Island 2021…

Everyone loves an underdog

Let’s face it, Toby and Chloe were villians in the first few weeks of the show as their sneaky behaviour left Kaz Kamwi – who was getting to know Toby in the first couple of weeks – in tears as they kissed behind her back.

chloe toby love island winners
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Toby then ditching Chloe for Abigail Rawlings then heading into Casa Amor only to bring back Mary Bedford cemented him as one of the show’s biggest players. However, he turned it around, simply by realising his wrongs. Yep, we never thought we’d say it, but he’s clearly learnt from his mistakes.

They’ve had their challenges

Don’t get us wrong, Toby screwed up massively when he dumped Chloe (the grass isn't always greener FYI) and she made it clear to him that no one will make her feel like a mug. But what’s the saying, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone? Despite all of us questioning his intentions when he admitted his head was still with Chloe, he stayed true to his decision despite the repercussions.

They’ve got pure love for each other

love island winners chloe toby
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Forever laughing, forever giggling, forever snogging. Even Chloe’s sister Bridie, questioned their sex life when she entered the villa alongside her mum, saying, “How much sex do you need to have?”

Despite not saying "I love you" to each other just yet, it’s clear Chloby are heading that way. They’re besotted with each other.

"Chloe and Toby need to win this. The most improbable couple but definitely the funniest and least icky," tweeted one viewer.

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Chloby provided the Love Island entertainment

They were voted funniest couple for a reason, guys. There’s so many hilarious Chloby moments; the baby challenge, breaking the bed halfway through having sex and having a Lady and the Tramp moment during a posh dinner date.

Toby’s growth has been outstanding

toby chloe winner love island
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He walked into the villa as a young 22 year old boy who had never been in a relationship, but he’s going to walk out so much more mature and Chloe truly brings that side out of him. In recent weeks, Toby has been praised by viewers for the way in which he supported Jake Cornish through his split with Liberty Poole.

And he’s the only OG boy left

As Jake sensationally quit the villa with Liberty just days before the final, Toby is now the only original boy left in the villa – wouldn’t it be amazing if he left a winner?

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They’ve stayed away from most of the drama

This year’s Love Island has been packed to the rafters with DRAMA – from Kaz and Tyler’s Casa Amor drama, Liam grovelling his way back to Millie after his head turning towards Lillie in Casa Amor to Faye and Teddy's almighty bust-up.

Chloby have only had one blip and have been loved-up ever since.

We really think they’re going to last on the outside

Few Love Island couples leave the villa and actually make it work outside of the villa bubble, but could you really see these two friendzoning eachother on the outside? In the words of Chloe, NO WAY. They’re too obsessed with each other.

Even if they don't win, they're the true winners in our eyes.

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