MAFS Australia’s Lucinda Light speaks out on Jack Dunkley and we’re confused

MAFS Australia's Lucinda defends controversial groom

Lucinda and Jack

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Every series of Married at First Sight, whether it’s the Aussie or the UK version, have their ‘good guys’ and their ‘bad guys.’ But is it really that black and white?

Granted, MAFS Australia 2024 had more quote unquote ‘bad guys’ than good guys, but it made for an interesting series so we aren’t complaining. Collins Christian and his dramatics were a highlight, much to the frustration of his wife Natalie Parham, as was Ben Walters and his cringe-inducing songwriting skills.

However, the groom that kept most of the viewers talking, tweeting, and watching was Jack Dunkely.

Jack Dunkley
Jack was a controversial figure on MAFS ©Channel 4

Jack and his partner Tori Adams were one of the most talked-about couples on the show, with Jack’s “muzzle your woman” comment at one of the dinner parties causing outrage both at the table and for viewers at home.

Now, however, one of the most beloved cast members of the 2024 series has come to Jack’s defence. heat sat down with Lucinda Light to discuss the show and she had some interesting points about how an edit can affect a person’s on-screen persona.

“I did very well with my edit, they painted me in a certain light and that is all of me, but there were a couple of crunchy moments, a few less than becoming moments, that maybe would have given a little bit more of a rounded picture of some of my struggles, or of where I got a bit frustrated or felt a bit unseen.”

Lucinda MAFS
Lucinda admits that she got a good edit on the show ©Channel 4

She went on to say, “You know, they love to exaggerate a caricature or a stereotype and they decided what I was, but of course, I’m a much more rounded picture, as is Jack. You know, Jack has his loveliness too.

“At the end of the day, I think we’re all such full spectrum humans, none of us are perfect, we’re all as flawed as we are fabulous. There’s the full spectrum there and I think the 360-degree perspective gets a little amiss on a reality television show, it can get a little one dimensional, for better or worse.”

That is to say, she had her doubts about Jack and Tori just like the rest of us.

Jack and Tori
Jack and Tori beat the odds and are still together (Remastered screengrab) ©Channel 4

“None of us believed that Jack and Tori were genuine through the whole show and yet they’ve moved in together, she’s moved two states all the way up to Queensland from Melbourne, they’re living together and really genuinely giving it a go," she revealed.

“Now that I’ve followed a bit more of their story, I actually think they’re very compatible. They’re quite particular people the way they live their life they’re very neat, it’s quite structured…. Quite organised, routine people. They very much suit each other, Jack and Tori.”

If Lucinda says they’re well-suited, then they probably are. We would trust that witchy woman with our lives - and that includes our love lives too.

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