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Your need to know on the Married At First Sight series 11 contestants

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The most explosive reality TV show is back - Married At First Sight Australia - and we were not prepared for what this year's series had in store for us.

Just like the previous year's chaotic season, MAFS Australia 2024 has been a rollercoaster of craziness with cheating, secret phone calls, red flag contestants and swapping couples.

So here's your need to know on series 11...

When did MAFS Australia 2024 air?

married at first sight australia cast series 11
the series 11 cast ©E4

Although the social experiment slash romance reality TV show began airing Down Under in January 2024, us UK fans had to wait until 26 February 2024 for it to be shown on British telly. Likewise, it ran until 1st April 2024 for Aussies, and until 25th April for Brits.

Who are the MAFS Australia 2024 brides?

Meet the brides who are looking for 'The One' on MAFS Australia.

Sara Mesa, 28

Sydney-based Sara is a nutrition coach and runs her own business The Fit and Hungry Girls. She was paired with online business owner Tim, but they hit a bump in the road when it was revealed that Sara had met up with her ex-boyfriend. Despite ending the show on a high and opting to stay together, the pair are no longer an item.

SARA ©Instagram - MAFS - NINE

Lucinda Light, 43

Lucinda runs a speed-dating company but is ready to find her own life partner, she is based in New South Wales and calls herself a "free spirit." She was paired with Timothy, but the pair decided to call it quits at a commitment ceremony and are no longer together.

LUCINDA ©Instagram - MAFS - NINE

Natalie Parham, 32

Physiotherapist Natalie is a family girl with an open-heart who is ready to go "all in" for love. She was paired with the dramatic Collins but the pair chose to leave the experiment early. Twice.

NATALIE ©Instagram - MAFS - NINE

Tori Adams, 27

Tori is a business development manager who currently lives in Victoria. Her ideal match is an "alpha male." She certainly found that in her controversial 'husband,' Jack.

TORI ©Instagram - MAFS - NINE

Cassandra Allen, 29

"Outgoing, bubbly and social," Cassandra is looking for a family-orientated partner to build a family with. She was paired with Tristan, and despite both being perfect for each other on paper, they didn't last.

cassandra ©Instagram- nine -MAFS

Eden Harper, 28

Eden lives on the Gold Coast and works as a recruitment manager, after being single for three years. After being cheated on in her previous relationship, Eden's "trust issues run extremely deep," but she was looking for love again and was matched with kickboxer Jayden. The pair are still going strong.

eden ©Instagram- nine -MAFS

Andrea Thompson, 51

Photographer Andrea is a single mum and describes herself as "earnest, lovable and trusting." She was paired with eccentric Richard, and despite getting along well at first, the pair are no longer together.

Andrea ©Instagram- nine -MAFS

Lauren Funn, 32

Lauren is a PR and marketing consultant with a "wickedly dry and cutting sense of humour," and is hoping to meet someone who is, "tall, dark, handsome." She was paired with Jono but they had conflicting personalities and are no longer together.

Lauren ©Instagram- nine -MAFS

Jade Pywell, 26

Jade was one of the intruder brides who joined later on in the experiment. She was paired with Ridge and the pair hit it off immediately.

©Jade Instagram

Madeleine Maxwell, 30

Madeleine was definitely one of the more memorable brides on the season, despite only lasting in the experiment for one week. Madeleine was an actress and psychic, and decided very early on that this show just wasn't for her.

Madeleine MAFS
©@madeleinemaxx Instagram

Who are the MAFS Australia 2024 grooms?

Tristan Black, 30

Event Manager Tristan is from New South Wales and was hoping to finally get himself out of the friend zone. Paired with the beautiful Cassandra, these two tried to make it work but ended up calling it a day.

tristan ©Instagram- nine -MAFS

Tim Calwell, 31

Surfer lad Tim has lived all around the world including Thailand, Bali and Melbourne. He now resides in Gold Coast and is an online business owner. Tim 'married' Sara on his season of the show, but they are no longer romantically involved.

Tim ©Instagram- nine -MAFS

Simon Flocco, 39

If you're struggling to remember Simon, it may be because he quit the show days before he was due to marry Michael. He was married for most of his twenties but finally came out just before his 30th birthday. Having been in a 'situationship' for seven years, Simon was looking for a committed relationship.

Simon ©Instagram- nine -MAFS

Jack Dunkley, 34

Jack is a personal trainer who "needs a partner respectfully submissive to his dominance." He has already been deemed this season's Harrison Boon, especially after the "muzzle your woman" incident.

jack ©Instagram- nine -MAFS

Timothy Smith, 51

Business owner Timothy is a self-described Peter Pan who doesn't easily "let people in." He was matched with the free-spirited Lucinda.

timothy ©Instagram- nine -MAFS

Richard Sauerman, 62

Richard is a motivational speaker who ended his relationship of 27 years because it "had run its course and the spark was no longer there." While he and Andrea appeared to be a strong match at first, unfortunately, they are no longer together.

richard ©Instagram- nine -MAFS

Michael Felix, 34

US born Michael grew up in Ohio but now lives in Victoria. He wanted to find someone who "can match his confidence and align with his family values." When his 'groom' Simon dropped out of the experiment, Michael went on the 'marry' 26-year-old Stephen.

michael ©Instagram- nine -MAFS

Jayden Eynaud, 26

Professional kickboxer, Jayden, is the brother of Mitch Eynaud who took part in season 9 of the show. Jayden wants "his future partner to be fit, ambitious and independent, plus up for the challenge of breaking his walls down." He and Eden had a rocky journey, and are no longer together.

jayden ©Instagram- nine -MAFS

Collins Christian, 28

Collins is an executive assistant who admitted he had "zero experience" when it comes to dating and was "looking for that initial spark and hopes to finally get out of the friend zone." He was paired with Natalie, but the pair did not see eye-to-eye, and had not one but two dramatic exits from the experiment.

Collins ©Instagram- nine -MAFS

Jonathan McCullough, 39

Nicknamed Jono, the health business owner is now based in New South Wales but has travelled to over 50 countries. He was serious about looking for love and was hoping to one day be a father. Although he was paired with Lauren, he has since struck up a relationship with Ellie, in a classic MAFS partner swap that is becoming exceedingly common.

jonathan ©Instagram- nine -MAFS

Ridge Barredo, 27

Ridge was one of the intruder grooms who joined later on in the experiment. A former bodybuilder, Ridge is drawn to women with "tidy rigs", whatever that means. We do know that he hit it off with 26-year-old Jade immediately, so maybe there's a connection there.

Ridge MAFS
©@ridgebarredo Instagram

Ash Galati, 33

33-year-old Ash was another intruder groom, and he joined the experiment ready to settle down and start a family. However, he and 'wife' Madeleine chose to leave the experiment after just a week, so here's hoping he has better luck outside the experiment.

©@ashgalati Instagram

Stephen Stewart, 26

Stephen joined the experiment later on as an intruder groom, but he and his husband Michael were not meant to be. The pair hit the rocks when Michael accused Stephen of texting someone else behind his back, and they couldn't recover.

Stephen MAFS
©@stephenrstewart Instagram

Who are the MAFS Australia experts?

MAFS Australia would be nothing without its team of relationship experts; John Aiken, Mel Schilling and sexologist Alessandra Rampolla.

How can we watch MAFS Australia 2024?

MAFS is available to watch on E4 and therefore on the Channel 4 website.

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