EXCLUSIVE: MAFS Australia’s Lucinda Light lifts the lid on where she stands with Timothy Smith amid unfollowing drama

'I think he's a little fed up'

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Married at First Sight Australia always delivers heartrending love stories and gives us enemies, villains and heroes, maybe even on a greater scale than the UK counterpart. While MAFS Australia 2024 presented us with couple swaps and tense dinner parties, the hero that emerged from the wreckage of the season was undeniably Lucinda Light.

Lucinda and Timothy Smith had a rocky ride during their time on MAFS, or as Lucinda likened it to, "a sailing trip in the rough waters of the baltic oceans on a windy, cold, stormy night."

Lucinda and Tim chose to leave the experiment at the tear-jerking final commitment ceremony, and ultimately chose to walk away as friends.

Lucinda and Tim
Lucinda and Tim had their fair share of ups and downs ©Channel 4

However, fans were devastated to learn that the pair had unfollowed each other, with Tim recently taking to TikTok to explain his reasons for blocking Lucinda.

"Whatever has happened behind the scenes, I’m always going to keep that private. And in regards to the online articles about jealousy and about this and that they are all off the mark. But in saying that I will keep ‘why’ private.

"There are only three or four people that know. And that’s where I’m going to leave it. I wish Lu all the best in the future and there is no question that sometimes people’s paths take different directions. And that’s where it is," he said.

This wasn't quite enough for us, so heat sat down with the gem that is Lucinda to see just what went wrong between the two.

Lucinda and Tim
Lucinda and Tim parted ways at the final commitment ceremony ©Channel 4

Firstly, she took us through the reasons she thought the pair just weren't a good romantic match, despite having a lot of love for each other.

“When I first met Tim I was like, ‘hubba hubba, yeah!’ And I was almost kind of trying to superimpose perfection. You know how sometimes when you get really swept away and you’ve got a big crush on someone and you almost try to create compatibility which I don’t think it was so.

"It was a bit of a shame… I was the opposite of what poor Tim wanted, and for me, you know, I am looking for something quite different.”

Queen Lucinda ©Channel 4

She continued, “I had a choice, I could have caved in to the victim and the, ‘Oh, he doesn’t like me and he’s hard work and I’m out of here,’ but I really made a choice to embrace the experiment, to try from every angle, and also just to I suppose embrace my own self-growth, by just being there and showing up and giving compassion and giving him the space he needed and to love him through all of it, to love him anyway.”

So, where did it all go wrong? It turns out, we may need to wait a little longer to find out what forced a wedge between the two, but Lucinda doesn't begrudge Tim his space.

mafs timothy and lucinda
timothy and lucinda no longer follow each other ©E4

“He recently made the decision to unfriend me which I respect. I think boiling down to it, I think he’s a little bit fed up of ‘Lucinda and Tim’ and ‘Lu this ‘and ‘Lu that’. There’s been a little bit of personal stuff, and I mean we’re just very different people, but I can genuinely say I’ve got so much love for Tim and my doors and arms are always open.

"I respect his decision but I am here if he ever changes his mind, if things shift for him. There’s no animosity from my side, only love, I just wish him well and will always have a soft spot for Tim in my heart.”

Now read that response and try to tell us Lucinda isn't an angel on earth. Being the hopeless romantics we are, we still hope these two can put whatever went down behind them and be besties again, but we trust Lucinda's judgement more than our own.

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