EXCLUSIVE! Aston Merrygold teases new JLS music and we can’t cope

The boys are in the studio

aston merrygold

by Eden-Olivia Lord |

In news we all needed, last year JLS confirmed they were reuniting and going on tour but more recently they've announced they're dropping new music.

And now Aston has exclusively opened up to heatworld about being back in the studio with Marvin Humes, JB Gill and Oritsé Williams.

While promoting Virgin Atlantic's new initiative Airplause, which allows the nation to nominate someone who has helped them through lockdown so they can win prizes to top holiday destinations, Aston spilled the tea on JLS' new music... Well, kind of.

When we asked him what he can tell us about JLS' new songs, he joked, "At this moment in time? Absolutely nothing."

Okay, obsessed.

"We were in the studio the other day, trying to get a vibe going but it was really weird because I’m in [the booth] first, then someone else is in.

"You can’t really catch a proper vibe just because of everything that’s going on. Really and truly it’s a bit like the sooner this is all dealt with the better," he explained.

The singer went on to say, "We’re trying to get around it and make it work but, like everything this year, we’re trying to find a way to do it with these circumstances.

"It’s coming along, just with us following all the guidelines and rules. As soon as we are free to go in the studio properly we can be in the studio and get it done."

However there's one thing that Aston is looking forward to later this year and that's JLS' tour.

JLS: where are they now?

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Oritsé Williams then

Oritsé was known for being the founding member of JLS, initially calling the group UFO aka Unique Famous Outrageous. This changed to JLS aka Jack the Lad Swing as another group was already called UFO.

aston merrygold
Aston has opened up about Virgin Atlantic's new Airplause campaign ©Virgin Atlantic

"The tour is our main focus, that’s what we’re most excited for especially now that it’s locked in now for October, November."

And if you're wondering what they'll be performing you'll be happy to hear that they're going to be singing all their iconic songs.

As for new music? Aston joked, "Well I'll say it depends if the new stuff does well. We’re never going to do something that no one likes.

"Hopefully people like it and then we can do it on tour."

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Aston also opened up about JLS working on new music and admitted they're open to working with literally anyone - even someone from TikTok.

"You could find the next unbelievable talent, slapping beats on TikTok and we love that," he explained.

"Let’s jump on something like that and it can turn out to be a crazy hit like Savage Love by Jason Derulo out of nowhere.

"We’re so open to working with a whole array of people."

During our chat Aston opened up about Virgin Atlantic's new Airplause campaign and revealed why he got involved.

"It’s to give back to selfless people that have been doing their best to keep people’s fitness, mental health, morale, spirits and everything up during lockdown – just off their own back.

"And because it’s been the most horrific, hard year for a lot of us, it’s for people that have gone out their own way to really look out for other people and most importantly really – strangers."

He explained, "We’re looking out for the communities, humanity itself. It’s just been the strangest, awful year for a lot of people. A little bit of kindness during these times will just go a long way."

aston merrygold
Aston surprised ‘Bounce Bhangra’ brothers with flights to thank them for making the nation smile during lockdown ©Virgin Atlantic

Aston also opened up about who has helped him during lockdown and he admitted it's those closest to him.

"For me over lockdown personally, it’s just been amazing to have family around me. That’s driven me mostly.

"Just waking up every morning and having that laughter and love from the kids and Sarah. It’s hard to be in a mood or be disheartened or negative in this household because there’s so much laughter. It’s really helped me personally get through this year."

As part of its new Airplause initiative, Virgin Atlantic is calling on the nation to nominate a friend, relative or neighbour to earn flights to top destinations such as the Caribbean, India, Israel or the USA as soon as it’s safe to hit the skies.

If you want to get involved and nominate someone you can by visiting Virgin's Airplause initiative.

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