EXCLUSIVE: Ava Max teases her ‘BIG’ new single 👀

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Ava Max

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Ava Max can do no wrong at the moment, can she? Not only was Sweet But Psycho an absolute smash (and last year's UK Christmas number 1, no less), but current single So Am I literally refuses to leave our brain.

So, since we're such huge fans and absolutely gagging for some new music, we thought we'd grill Ava for all the goss ahead of her big performance at Isle of MTV Malta 2019.

Chatting exclusively to heatworld backstage at the event, Ave teased: "We have two songs coming out on July 21st; you're the first to hear that, but that's not the third single.

"The third single comes out in August or September, and that's a big one. That one's really exciting and very anthemic."

Ava Max
Ava Max ©MTV

Ava added: "The two coming out on July 21st are actually very vulnerable songs. They're wildcards, so I'm really excited to get those out there. I wanted to [show my more vulnerable side]. The third single's really awesome, too."

So, what can we expect from this 'anthemic' next single? "A tease? Okay, so all I'm going to say is 'superhero.'"

Innnnnteresting 👀.

Asked if she could have any superpower, Ava said: "Teleportation, because I hate flying. I would just teleport myself anywhere I need to be."

Well we cannot wait to hear it. For now, though, we'll keep blasting So Am I on heat Radio and embracing our inner misfit. Yaaaas.

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