Busted: where are they now?

The boyband of the '00s


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Busted. The boyband of our childhood, the soundtrack to our school discos, the reason we thought wearing shirts with the top button undone and ties loosely hanging around our necks was in fashion.

Well, that’s what we went to school for...

Now, if like us you’re feeling all sorts of nostalgic and thinking What Happened to Your Band? (get it?), then we thought we’d updated you on what Matt Willis, Charlie Simpson and James Bourne are doing with their careers now. You’re welcome.

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Busted: Where are they now?

Charlie Simpson then1 of 6

Charlie Simpson then

Charlie was the lead vocalist of Busted, and definitely the heartthrob of the band. The iconic straight, highlighted hair and the blazer worn with every outfit. The ultimate crush.

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Charlie Simpson now

Busted joined McFly to create supergroup, McBusted, but Charlie didn't take part which left a lot of people unsure if Busted would ever get back together. Since then, Busted have reunited but as of right now they're all doing their own thing. Charlie has recently released his own label with a single called 'I See You' – a very different vibe to the Busted songs.

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James Bourne then

James was a co-vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist for the band. Also he was the one behind the Busted songs – most of the popular songs were written by him – so we have him to thank for knowing what it will be like in the Year 3000.

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James Bourne now

James has always stayed in the music industry and following his time in Busted he launched a solo career - including writing musical theatre, writing songs for other artists and his own solo project. James tweeted, "After twenty amazing years making music, I am stepping into 2020 on a brand new solo adventure. Busted will always be my band. But, I've dreamed for years about releasing my own album so here we go." Taking us to his new album release 'Safe Journey Home'.

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Matt Willis then

Matt was known for being the bassist and co-vocalist for the band. The rebellious member of Busted, always changing the style and colour of his hair; from the fringe across his face, to the classic schoolboy spiked hair, and all the way to the shaved hair.

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Matt Willis now

Since his Busted days, Matt's made TV appearances and has also made himself known in musical theatre. He has performanced in Wicked, Little Shop of Horrors, and a short run in a staged concert of A Christmas Carol – alongside Jacqueline Jossa and Brian Conley. Another project that started in 2020, was his podcast with Matt Richardson, When No One's Watching and it features celebs (including his wife Emma Willis) who talk about their secrets – what's not to love?

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Matt Willis and his family

Matt Willis has been married to wife, Emma Willis, since 2008 after dating for three years.

The couple have had three kids since then - Trixie born in 2016, Ace born in 2011, and Isabelle born in 2009.

Charlie Simpson and his family

Charlie Simpson married wife, Anna Barnard, in 2014 - a week after announcing their engagement.

The following year, in 2015, they had their first son, Arlo Simpson. In 2018 their second son was born, Jago Simpson.

James Bourne and his family

James Bourne has been dating YouTuber, Emily Canham, since 2018.

One of James' brothers, Chris Bourne, co wrote songs with James, and was in a band of his own which was a supporting act on McBusted's tour.

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