Five Star – where are they now?

What are the Pearson siblings doing these days?

Five Star

by Daisy Hall |

You may be surprised to know that Five Star are still releasing music... well Denise is, along with four new members.

But before we get onto what Five Star are doing now, let's go back to 1983 (feel old yet?) when the band was formed.

The group of siblings were made into a musical group by their dad Buster Pearson, a former recording artist, who wanted to create the next Jackson 5.

Although they were never as big as the Jacksons, Five Star did go on to have huge success in the UK with multiple top ten hits including 'System Addict', 'Rain or Shine' and 'The Slightest Touch'.

They also won the 1987 Brit Award for Best British Group.

In 1995, the group went their separate ways before reuniting again in 2001 and then again in 2012 before calling it a day for the final time.

So let's see what they're all doing now...

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Denise Pearson

Not only was Denise the lead singer of Five Star, she also wrote most of their songs including 'Stay Out Of My Life'- the band's only self-composed top ten single. This set her up for her future solo career as a singer songwriter and West End performer. She currently lives in the UK with her two children Karen and Hassa.

Although Five Star were a family in the truest sense of the word, that didn't stop the band from having their fair share of drama.

In their first year of creation, the group were hit with reports of bankruptcy, then in October 1990, Stedman was arrested for public indecency.

Most recently, whilst appearing on Loose Women in 2018, Lorraine claimed that she was no longer friends with her sister Denise and had been offended by her bringing non-family members into the group.


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Five Star still regularly tour up and down the country performing at gigs and festivals, however Denise is the only original member still in the band.

But according to their Facebook page, the band still has the approval of the Pearson's dad and the band's original manager. Buster.

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